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I...I have no siblings! As if I could be related to this beast!
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Zommoth is the boss found within Upper Snakemouth. It was created by the Roaches in the same experiments Leif was involved in, before rampaging through the facility. Before the fight Leif calls Zommoth his sibling, although it has very little resemblance to him (however, he could be referring to the Cordyceps fungi animating both his and the Zommoth, which may be of similar Roach origin).

The Zommoth commonly attacks by sweeping a party member with its slug-like lower body, bashing them with its arms, or throwing two magic blasts that can reduce Attack. It may spend a turn Charging itself (also boosting its defense) before unleashing a powerful twice-hitting beam, let out a Defense-dropping screech, or summon Bloatshrooms as support.

When the battle first begins, Leif will be stunned and unable to make any moves until the Zommoth charges its first beam. He will immediately protect them with a Bubble Shield before attack connects, becoming controllable once more.

All of the Roaches' research lead to this. The ultimate immortal guardian. What they couldn't predict was being unable to control it, as it razed the laboratory of life with its monstrous magic. Is this what Leif could have been...?

L-Leif! Do not lose yourself! We must work together to overcome this beast! Whatever memories have awoken...we too, shall face them together after this battle!

...Leif...I dunno what's going on, but it's gonna be okay! This thing's nothing like you! So let's defeat it together!

...... I...we...can't afford to hesitate. We'll deal with these feelings...after you've been disposed of!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Leif isn't stunned when fighting Zommoth in B.O.S.S.
  • Leif isn't stunned if Team Snakemouth loses and retries the fight
  • Aside from the rematch with Zasp and Mothiva, Zommoth is the only non-chapter boss to have a unique battle theme.
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