"It is my duty as a fellow explorer... to end its suffering!" ― Beetle

Zombie Ants are presumably deceased explorer ants hosting a parasite. Their existence began as a folktale intended to repel children from caverns, but have turned out to exist, inhabiting Snakemouth Den.

Tattle LogEdit

  • 'Zombie Ants are a popular folk tale, a story told to children to keep them from venturing into caves. Disturbing reports have shown that Snakemouth Den seems to be inhabited with the real thing. Caution is advised as a thorough investigation is held.'
  • 'Eep! That ant is... possessed! No way! That's just a story the Queen tells kids to scare them... this is too creepy! I'm going to take it out!' (Bee's Spy)
  • 'By Venus... that ant walks after its passing! A "zombie ant"... I truly believed they were nothing more than a myth. It is my duty as a fellow explorer... to end its suffering!' (Beetle's Spy)
  • 'Cordyceps. It seems it picked an ant as its host. How weird, that it would attack us. It's nothing special, our attacks should take it out quickly.' (Moth's Spy)