Zombiants are enemies first encountered in Snakemouth Den. They are ants under the control of a fungal parasite, compelled to walk despite no long being among the living.

They attack by whipping their Cordyceps stalk at enemies. While weak to Leif's ice and not much of a threat by itself, their not-insignificant attack power can mean trouble in larger numbers.

Zombiants are a popular folk tale, a story told to children to keep them from venturing into caves. Disturbing reports have shown that Snakemouth Den seems to be inhabited with the real thing. Caution is advised while thorough investigation is held.

By Venus... That Ant walks after its passing! A "Zombiant!" I truly believed they were nothing more than a myth. It is my duty as a fellow explorer... to end its suffering!

Eep! That Ant is... possessed! No way! That's just a story the Queen tells kids to scare them... This is too creepy! I'm gonna take it out!

Cordyceps. It seems it picked an Ant as its host. How weird, that it would attack us. It's nothing special, our attacks should take it out quickly.

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