Zombeetles are enemies encountered in Upper Snakemouth. They are failed experiments of the roaches, and one of the many breeds of bug under the control of a fungal parasite.

A Zombeetle's primary attack is to charge through the party, dealing large amounts of damage. They also occasionally pick up a large boulder, throwing it at a party member and dealing splash damage to the party members adjacent to them. Both attacks function similarly to two skills usable by playable beetle Kabbu.

Poor kidnapped Beetles, who suffered unexpected side effects in Snakemouth's Lab. The goal was to create a powerful Beetle who could dig to the other side of the world. The result was a fierce, violent monster.

...What a tragedy, to see a fellow Beetle befall this fate. Its carapace is absurdly tough. Leif, support me as I strike it!

No way... It wasn't just Zombiants! It's like this place is cursed!It's super tough... I'm gonna need the others' help!

Mngh... Why is this so familiar? We're feeling dizzy...We can't faint now! We...we must support Kabbu in piercing its defense...!

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