Zombees are enemies encountered in Upper Snakemouth. They are the failed experiments of roaches, and one of the many victims of the fungal parasite Cordyceps.

Zombees attack by throwing one of the needles attached to their hands, approaching a party member and stabbing them twice. These attacks bear a resemblance to the needle skills used by playable bee Vi.

Bestiary One of Snakemouth Lab's forgotten experiments. The noble goal of creating a Bee with infinite stamina and strong wings quickly turned into a tragedy.
Kabbu By Vi's translucent wings... What sort of unholy experiments have been conducted here!? Leif, stay resolute! Your magic will be critical if we are to triumph!
Vi W-Whoa... Why're there Bees in here...!? This is awful! Ugh! Leif...can you use your ice magic on them?
Leif Ngh...! This is not right. This feeling is...F-Focus! We'll just freeze everything on the path to the truth!

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