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Zasp is a wasp in the Ant Kingdom. He is one of the few wasps to be accepted into Ant Kingdom as an explorer. He's unaligned with other wasps, instead working for Mothiva, forming Team Mothiva with her.

Appearance & Personality

He is a tall and slender with crooked antennae. He has a crimson red head, chest and abdomen, and a brown torso and under abdomen, unlike most wasp, who have yellow and brown coloring. His upper legs are also red and on his back are brown wings. His arms, feet, mouth and stinger are all tan. Over his eye is a scar he attained from unknown means.

Zasp starts off rude, often insulting Team Snakemouth during their encounters with him. However, after being rescued from the Ahoneynation in the Honey Factory, he lightens up, often helping the team out when Mothiva isn't nearby.

Zasp is obsessed over Mothiva, following her everywhere and doing everything she tells him to.

Zasp fight the trio along side Mothiva in Chapter 2, trying to prevent them from gaining the Ancient Tablet before Team Mothiva does. In battle, he can throw needles or kick, hitting 2-3 times each attack. He can also eat a Spicy Berry, raising his attack by 1 for 2 turns. Hitting Mothiva while Zasp is active will cause him to gain a charge, increasing his attack by 1 for next attack only. KO'ing Mothiva will result in Zasp raising his attack permanently.

Team Mothiva also fight Team Snakemouth in the third fight in the Coliseum in Chapter 6. His attacks remain the same, but he deals more damage and has more HP.

Spy Log

Spier Description
Bestiary One of the few Wasps to be accepted into the Ant Kingdom, Zasp hunts for treasure like many other explorers.His allegiances and motives are completely centered around Mothiva. When she's not around, he loosens up a bit.
Vi "Hmph. So you really want to fight, Zasp? Bet you think you'll win cuz you're all cool. And tall. Prepare for a Beemerang to the face!"
Kabbu "Zasp, we are fellow explorers... Why must we fight!? As much as it pains me, I won't let you get in our way!"
Leif "Fancy fighting you here, Zasp. You've already lost to us in eating, and now you'll lose in combat. We hope you'll enjoy the bitter chill of defeat!"


  • Zasp is the only wasp to appear in the demo. He also appears in the v0.1 demo as one of the few characters there, as a secret boss.

    Bug Fables Early Zasp Battle

    The Zasp battle in Paper Bugs Demo. His only attack is throwing electric needles.

  • Zasp was the third fight in the theater side quest in the demo instead of the burglar. He also was fought alone, while in the full game he fights along side Mothiva in both of their boss fights.
  • Zasp is the quest giver of the "Rare item lost." quest, although he covers himself with a cloak to prevent Team Snakemouth from recognizing him.
  • Only the first fight against Team Mothiva is recorded in the Bestiary.
  • Only the second fight against Team Mothiva is recorded in B.O.S.S.
  • In the demo V0.4 version, Leif's spy on Zasp was "We don't really know who you are, Zasp. Unlike Vi and Kabbu, we don't really care for you at all. That's why we will freeze you without hesitation!"
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