Zasp is a wasp in Ant Kingdom. He is one of the few wasps to be accepted into Ant Kingdom as an explorer. He also works for Mothiva in the demo. The Trio can fight him as an optional boss at the Theater, after which they'll be awarded for 150 berries. In earlier versions, he can even inflict paralysis on the team.

Tattle Log Edit

  • 'One of the few wasps to be accepted into the Ant Kingdom. Zasp hunts for treasure like many other explorers. His allegiances and motives are kept annoyingly under wraps!?'
  • 'Hmph, So you really want to fight, Zasp? Bet you think you'll win cuz you're all cool. And tall. Prepare for a Beemberang to the face!' (Bee's Spy)
  • 'Zasp, we are fellow explorers... why must we fight!? As much as it pains me, I won't let you get in our way!' (Beetle's Spy)
  • 'We don't really know who you are, Zasp. Unlike Bee and Beetle, we don't really care for you at all. That's why we will freeze you without hesitation!' (Moth's Spy)