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Yin Yin (Postgame)

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Go...Good morning! Thanks...for h-help!
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Yin is a member of Team Maki. She is unable to speak as a caterpillar. Despite being an adult, she remains in her larva stage for a long time for unknown reasons. It isn't until the quest Confidential that she is a pupa, until she finally emerges as a grown silk moth. Her speech is slow and stuttered due to her skewed development. Kina takes a disliking to her due to Maki having her look after her then promptly leaving them alone. On the opposite end, Maki is fond of Yin and makes sure that she is cared for. Yin fights alongside Maki and Kina once she is a moth.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

First appearing as a silkworm, Yin is incapable of speech or magic, Although it said by Leif that there is a faint magic within her. As a caterpillar, her backside and top of her head are all gray, covered in yellow spots. Her underbelly and bottom half of her face is a lighter grey. There is a single yellow spot on her chest. Her eyes are a murky yellow, and she has a pale red 'v' shape on her forehead.

As a moth, she keeps a pale gray/white color for most of her main body. Her fur and feet keep a dark gray color. Yin still has a spot on her chest/torso area that is now a slightly more orange shade of yellow. Spots of the same color are also on her wings. Her eyes are now a shade of orange, paired with long eyelashes. Yin is short and stout compared to the rest of team Maki, though her antennae make up for some of her lack of height. Her abdomen is a different shade of gray than the rest of her body. The reddish 'v' shape on her forehead still remains, though it is much smaller in size and closer to a heart shape.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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