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Yin is a member of Team Maki.

Appearance and Personalities Edit

First appearing as a silkworm, Yin is incapable of speech or magic, Although it said by Leif that there is a faint magic within her.

She appears to be friendly.

Battle StatsEdit

Yin acts in a similar way as Kali during the fight: while she doesn't have any offensive skills, she keeps boosting the other two members' stats. When she's defeated, Maki will raise his ATK permanently, and Kina will get up if she's defeated before.

Spy LogEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary An unusual caterpillar who wasn't able to pupate. With Maki, Kina, and Team Snakemouth's help, she reached her true form.The sole known user of healing magic, the good she could bring to Bugaria is endless. Regardless, she's still a bit childish. It will be up to Maki to raise her into an upstanding citizen.Her favorite food is the Sweet Shroom.
Vi "How's she so strong!? She's like, just barely an adult! N-Not stronger than me, though. She's got a lot of annoying magic and items! Sorry Maki, but she's gonna go down!"
Kabbu "So this is the true power of Maki's team! ...No, with Yin's magic, they've grown even stronger! Yin's supportive abilities make her a priority. Even if her defeat may upset Maki greatly!"
Leif "Poor thing. Barely out of the cocoon, and already fighting the best of the best....We say that, but she's no pushover. Even if Maki gets mad, we must defeat her too."

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