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Wooden Crank is a Key Item in Bug Fables. It can be fitted into a slot and spun by Vi's Beemerang to reach new heights.


The first two cranks can be fitted into either the rightmost slot in the Golden Hills hub, or the slot in the room west of the hub, to reach the rooms containing the Big Crank Top Half and Big Crank Bottom Half, respectively.

The third crank must be fitted into the slot in the Sacred Hills' eastern room, which is the same room the crank is found in, to reach the hill where a Venus flytrap will accept the Moon Offering.

Another wooden crank is found later in the game in Rubber Prison after solving the puzzle in the library. The crank is used in the Warden's Office and opens the way to the Giant's Lair bridge.

How to Acquire

1. By taking the lower-right path in the Golden Hills hub, a crank can be found sitting on a raised ledge in the rightmost side of the room. Leif's ice magic can be used to freeze a nearby water drop, then Kabbu can Horn Strike the ice cube to create a staircase leading to the crank.

2. By taking the western path in the Golden Hills hub, and then continuing west into the next room, a crank can be found on top of the room's highest reachable hill, in the middle of a pile of leaves.

3. In the Sacred Hills, the final crank can be found on a raised ledge in the eastern room, accessible by using Vi's Beemerang to spin an already-fitted crank to lower an adjacent platform and then raise it by releasing.

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