Wild Chomper is a Chomper variant encountered in the Far Wildlands. Unlike Chompers, they're rooted to the ground and are incapable of walking. Because of that, they use purely ranged attacks.

During Hard Mode, they can spit Danger Spuds - an attack similar to Hard Seed that also inflicts Poison on a failed block.

Occasionally a Wild Chomper will grow a small green Chomper variation to support it. It has 3 HP and deals (1/2) damage per hit.

These Chompers have grown immobile so they can absorb the rich nutrients of the Far Grasslands. They've developed the ability to shoot seeds over great distances and extend their roots to strike and snare their prey. Otherwise, they lay with their mouths open in hopes some careless bug will fall into them.They are also capable of producing smaller Chompers like their Golden Hills counterparts, which will soon set root and become new Wild Chompers.

If only this creature would stop shooting seeds at us, we could walk past without a fight! Maybe if Leif manages to freeze it, we could just avoid it...?

Mmm... I don't have much to say. It's just an angry plant, really. Weak to ice and stuff. Nothing new. It does heal up, so we've gotta focus it down or it'll just get back up!

Ain't this the living version of a Security Turret... Fortunately, this one's weak to ice. As long as we block its vines and seeds, it shouldn't be a challenge.

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