Weevils are an enemy fought in the Golden Hills. They are a wolf-like interpretation of real-life weevils, in terms of nature.

Weevils primarily attack by biting a target from multiple sides. Occasionally, they can boost their attack immediately beforehand as a free action that does not take a turn. If there are any plant-based enemies in the battle, a Weevil may attack and kill them, healing itself. Note that it can only attack enemies that are grounded, so it may be in a player's interests not to knock any flying Seedlings out of the sky until the Weevil has been defeated.

Rumored to be closely related to Beetles, these predators are often found searching the Golden region for food. They are herbivores, but will attack nearby bugs should they be disturbed. Some claim to have tamed Weevils as loyal partners, but these claims haven't been confirmed.

A Weevil! Such a ferocious beast... It attacks anything that moves! I've heard they can even increase their own power... We must end this battle quickly!

E-Eep! A Weevil! I don't have the best memories of them... L-Let's get Kabbu to take the hits, while we beat them up!

Whoa, easy there... This beast doesn't look like it can be reasoned with. It's quite fierce, too. We should discipline it before it can give us much trouble.

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