Water Striders are enemies found within Stream Mountain as well as on Metal Lake. They can attack by either spitting multiple drops of water, targeting a random bug each time, or quickly sliding along the ground and tackling a single character. After attacking, they can extend their legs and lift themselves higher from the ground, effectively becoming flying.

Water Striders generally aren't too troublesome - just make a sure to keep Vi up. Their more common attack hits multiple times, so Enfeeble or Taunt with raised defense and/or Super Block+ on Kabbu are good for reducing the damage they deal.

Spy LogEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary Despite their size, Water Striders are extremely light to the point that they can stand on water. Their thin legs can skate through water or stretch to give them an intimidating height. When everything else fails, they can shoot powerful pressurized water.
Vi "Whoa...! It's gliding on water! How's it not sinking!? I can think about it later. I've gotta stop it from shooting so many water missiles!"
Kabbu "Unbelievable! This creature must be extremely light to not sink under the water! Yet, its attacks are quite pressurized... We must not drag this battle out! Vi, keep it low to the ground!"
Leif "Floating on water? Is this some sort of magic we could learn, as well...? Its water projectiles are quite strong, but our Icefall should be a nice counterattack. Vi, get it in range."



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