Wasp Troopers are members of the Wasp Kingdom's army.

Their base exp value varies by location, being 24 in the Bugaria Outskirts, 42 in the Wasp Kingdom and Metal Lake, and 63 in Rubber Prison.

These foot soldiers from the Wasp Kingdom follow their King's orders obsessively. Even when losing, they will go down fighting.Wasps are trained to be soldiers when they become of age, but these are exceptional even amongst them.

The Wasp Kingdom... What could possibly justify sending soldiers to attack Bugaria? For now, I'll focus on making sure they bring us no harm!

What's the Wasp Kingdom's problem? Why'd they have to walk in and start causing trouble!? Grr...I'm gonna teach him a lesson!

This Wasp Trooper... We wonder if he's vile, or just following orders...Regardless, if it's going to shake the peace, we'll freeze him in his tracks!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Friendly Wasp Troopers can be found as NPCs after Chapter 7.
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