Wasp Scouts are members of the Wasp Kingdom's army.

They are one of the only enemies to keep their normal HP and Defense in Hard Mode.

On normal, their needle attacks may not poison even if the block is failed.

Their base exp value varies by location, being 22 in the Lost Sands, 36 in the Wasp Kingdom and Metal Lake, and 65 in Rubber Prison.

Bestiary Do not be fooled by this soldier's petite figure. Wasp Scouts are just as deadly and vicious as the rest of the army. Using their prowess in flight, they honor their name by scouting ahead to ensure a smooth operation.
Kabbu Scoundrel! I will give you a chance to retreat before Vi knocks you down... No? Then face our wrath! Even if you call for reinforcements, we won't falter!
Vi Whoa, he's fast! Okay... Focus, Vi! You've gotta aim super well if you're gonna win! We can't let him call for more friends!
Leif We don't need your annoying buzzing in our ears. You won't be able to call for backup while frozen! We'll make sure to send you flying back to your King, trapped inside an ice cube!

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