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Wasp King The Everlasting King

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A King holds absolute power over his people. He is not meant to serve... He is meant to be served! To command! To possess! To enjoy! That is the privilege of royalty! And it shall all be mine!
—Wasp King
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Hoaxe, better known as the Wasp King, is the main antagonist of Bug Fables. He usurped the Wasp Kingdom, plotting to steal The Everlasting Sapling and use its power to conquer all of Bugaria.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Hoaxe was abandoned by his parents in the middle of the Dead Lands, before he spoke his first words. Only through a miracle did he survive to reach Bugaria, where he managed to blend into the Wasp Kingdom's populace. He had no friends, and no respect. All he had was his job: cleaning up trash. One day, he vanished from the Wasp Kingdom. Nobody cared. When he returned, unrecognized by all who ostracized him, he commanded such power and charisma...They had no choice but to serve him.
Kabbu Vile usurper, who has led the Wasp Kingdom to ruin... Today, bugkind will be freed from your villainy. We must not waste this opportunity the Flame Brooch has given us! Give it your all, everyone!
Vi You're gonna pay for that invasion! Your plans are super over! The fire still hurts a bit, but we can take it now! Time to show him what Team Snakemouth's made of!
Leif Sweet payback. We've been waiting for a good few missions to bring karma upon you. Everyone, even though the Flame Brooch protects us, don't get careless. We can't afford to lose!



Hoaxe was an orphaned Wasp Mimic Fly, abandoned by his parents in the middle of the Dead Lands at a very young age. They did so because they were fleeing, and abandoning him would be the only way to keep him alive. [1] Although he survives this ordeal, Hoaxe still has to spend most of his life fighting Dead Landers[2] until he reaches the nearby Wasp Kingdom, blending in with its population as an unappreciated janitor.

He encounters Yale on Metal Island, who sells him the Ancient Crown, which amplifies Hoaxe's innate magical abilities. When he returned to the Wasp Kingdom, his power was so great that all Wasps began to serve him. He then uses his newly acquired position of authority to begin a search for the Everlasting Sapling.

Chapter 4: Mysterious Lost Sands

At the end of Chapter 4: Mysterious Lost Sands, he commands an attack on the Ant Kingdom City with his troops, and successfully steals one half of the Ancient Key, from Leif. Before he can take the other three artifacts from Elizant II, Maki appears, forcing the Wasp King to retreat.

Chapter 5: The Far Wildlands

After Maki and Team Snakemouth leave on their expedition to retrieve the stolen artifact, the Wasp King uses a drilling machine to sneak back into the Ant Kingdom. By the time they return, the Wasp King is already in the process of stealing the remaining three artifacts. Elizant II surrenders the artifacts to Hoaxe, and he makes his escape, heading for the Dead Lands.

Chapter 7: The Everlasting Sapling

Sacrificing many of his troops, the Wasp King advances through the Dead Lands. After losing a fight to Team Snakemouth, he rushes to unseal the Everlasting Sapling, only to find out that it has wilted. Desperate for power, the Wasp King eats the sapling's remaining leaf, transforming him into The Everlasting King. He uses a column of fire to destroy the rest of the sapling.

Despite utilizing all of the Ancient Artifacts and the life-giving power of the Everlasting Sapling, he is defeated by Team Snakemouth. At the conclusion of the battle, he metamorphoses into a small tree, devoid of magic.

Battle Information

Chapter 5: The Far Wildlands

The first encounter with the Wasp King is during the invasion of Ant Kingdom City. Though he can take damage from attacks, the battle is unwinnable. After 3 turns, the Wasp King casts a devastating fire spell, instantly knocking out all party members.

Chapter 7: The Everlasting Sapling

The penultimate battle of Bug Fables is a rematch with the King in the Giant's Lair. Notably, while the King can be inflicted with turn-negating status effects such as Numb, Freeze, or Sleep, he will immediately break out at the start of his next turn.

Phase 1

The Wasp King can throw his axe or cast fire magic to deal single-target and multi-target damage.

Phase 2

Once the Wasp King's HP reaches a certain stage, he will begin to take 2 actions every turn.


  • The Wasp King's axe is named "Slayer", based on comments in his first encounter.[3]
  • Hoaxe's name is a portmanteau of the words "hoax" and "axe" referring to both his false kingship/identity as a Wasp, and his weapon of choice, respectively.
  • Hoaxe is a Wasp Mimic Fly, as is assumed with dialogue from a merchant on Metal Island, a species known for looking very similar to Wasps.
  • According to Genow, the brainwashing powers of Wasp King's crown work on any kind of yellowjacket, affecting them through their antennae. The effects can be countered by magical artifacts or antennae sustaining damage[4].


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