Wasp Drillers are elite members of the Wasp Kingdom's army.

They can charge at a team member with their drill. If the attack is not blocked, the Driller will charge straight through, otherwise, it will damage the targeted ally three times.

Wasp Drillers can also burrow under the ground. They will remain underground until unearthed by an attack.

Their Pebble Drill attack will target multiple team members.

Part of the Wasp Elite, these drillers are as cunning as they are powerful. They've mastered many battle tactics utilizing their drills, both offensive and defensive. Should a general fall, they're the first in line to be promoted.

The Wasps have some truly fearsome soldiers in their ranks! Hopefully not too many others. But we can do this, team. I'll break his guard as soon as it's raised!

W-Whoa there, big guy! I almost got run through...He gets tougher when I hit 'em. Nothing Kabbu can't handle! Err, I hope.

Is this truly a soldier? He seems more skilled than his general. That drill's not for show. He seems to go on the defensive when struck, so we'd best leave Kabbu free to deal with that.

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