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Wasp Bombers are elite members of the Wasp Kingdom's army. They can be flipped but must be attacked by flipping attacks twice to do so.

A Wasp Bomber appears in the General Ultimax mini-boss fight at the end of Chapter 5.

Spy Logs
Bestiary These physically frail Wasps contribute to the war effort by supporting other troops from the back.Equipped with a vast array of bombs, they try to end the battle with firepower before being targeted.
Kabbu Tch. A long-range, defensive enemy. It seems tailored to make my life difficult. Yet I have the best shot of breaking through its defenses...I won't let my team down!
Vi Stop it! Stop chucking stuff at us! I can't even knock down those boxes... Kabbu, if you flip it twice I can bring down the smackdown!
Leif Wonder if this is how enemies feel when we shoot ice from behind everyone. It must be this annoying. If we manage to flip it over, we should be able to deal with it quickly.

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