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Wardens are robotic constructs built by the Roaches. If attacked by ice moves in battle, Sand Wardens will turn into Ice Wardens. Outside of battle, Sand Wardens will become Ice Wardens. while inside one of the circles of ice magic found in the Ancient Castle.

There are also Fire variants found in Giant's Lair.

Wardens can charge instead of attacking, gaining a DEF UP in Hard Mode. After charging, they will self-destruct on their next turn, damaging the entire team.

The ice variant is weak to Kabbu's attacks.

The fire variant is weak to Leif's attacks.

Spy Logs
Bestiary These guardians were designed to hide in plain sight, attacking intruders while their guards lay low. They adapt to the cold with ease, and won't stop chasing unwanted visitors until they leave or are buried beneath the sands.
Kabbu Oof! What a convincing disguise! We really must be on guard here... My horn will be ready to strike when it is brought back into the ground!
Vi Whoa whoa whoa! This is too much! A floating head!? With lasers!? I'll bring it down and bury it where it belongs!
Leif Hmph. What a petty trick, hiding like that. But we could feel your magic since we stepped in. Let's strike accordingly depending on the temperature, Kabbu.

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