Wardens are enemies found in Ancient Castle and Giant's Lair. There are three variants of them each representing a temperature: In the Sand Castle there are the Sand Variant and the Ice Variant (which also appears in a battle in the fridge in Giant's Lair but not in overworld), and the Fire Variant is exclusive the the stove area at Giant's Lair. The Fire Variant has 3 extra HP and deals 1 more damage with all attacks. They are very similar to Krawlers in many ways: besides the types and appearances already mentioned above, they also attack in a similar way, that is to either tackle a party member or send a beam that inflicts the respective status effect, although they have an additional attack: they can spend a turn charging, increasing their defense in process on Hard Mode, and self-destruct next to the team, dealing high damage to everyone. If they charge, either take them out immediately or use Bubble Shield. They have extremely similar weaknesses as the Krawlers too, that the Ice Variant is weak to Kabbu's horn attacks, while the Sand and the Fire are weak to ice attacks. Besides, the Sand Variant of Warden will also be turned into the Ice variant when frozen. They don't have as much defense as Krawlers, but they usually float up in the air and can be knocked down, much like other flying enemies. They also have slightly higher HP. Three Wardens are fought as an event battle when the Ancient Key at the right room of the second floor is collected.

Spy LogEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary These guardians were designed to hide in plain sight, attacking intruders while their guards lay low. They adapt to the cold with ease, and won't stop chasing unwanted visitors until they leave or are buried beneath the sands.
Vi "Whoa whoa whoa! This is too much! A floating head!? With lasers!? I'll bring it down and bury it where it belongs!"
Kabbu "Oof! What a convincing disguise! We really must be on guard here... My horn will be ready to strike when it is brought back into the ground!"
Leif "Hmph. What a petty trick, hiding like that. But we could feel your magic since we stepped in. Let's strike accordingly depending on the temperature, Kabbu."

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  • The Wardens have different facial expressions at different conditions. The Sand Variant looks normal, the Ice Variant has a gloomy, emotionless scowl while the Fire Variant looks panicked.
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