Venus' Guardian is a plant creature created from a sunflower by Venus for her trial to see if Team Snakemouth is worthy of the Ancient Tablet, and it's the boss of the second Chapter.

Venus' Guardian is a tough and hard hitting opponent. It has two different vine lash attack - one hits a single bug hard, the other hits everyone. It can also shake and launch 2-3 (2-4) Hard Seeds at the party, each hitting a single bug for 3 damage. This attack will also put a Hard Seed into the team's inventory if it has space left. After it acted, Venus can also increase it's attack or defense by 1 for 2 turns. This is done along with the attack.

Once it's HP is reduced 40 (33), it will grow leaf wings and fly up into the air. It will lose it's vine attacks and, on Hard Mode, it's defense, but will now gain an attack where it launches a Spicy Bomb at the party, dealing damage to everyone. It's also more resistant to knockdowns, requiring two hits for that.

Once it's HP is further reduced to 22 (20), it will stop flying, but Venus will temporarily increase it's defense and summon a Venus' Bud behind it to heal it.

Venus' Guardian is weak to Leif's ice attacks, and is somewhat easy to Freeze, but if you have the Hard Mode medal equipped, then Venus will break it out at the start of it's turn. Because of that, it's recommended to attack it when it's frozen for extra damage. Once it takes to air, you should have Vi use Tornado Toss to knock it down in a single action. Once Venus summons the Bud, you should have Leif use Icefall to both Freeze it and deal damage to the Guardian.

After the team beats Venus' Guardian, the godess agrees to answer their questions and give the the Ancient Tablet.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary This fearsome beast was created by Venus for a combat trial using a sunflower as its base.It had many abilities such as flight, seed cannons, and sheer strength. {To top it off, the Goddess herself increased its abilities during the battle. If Venus created this beast in mere moments, there is no telling what her true powers could do with more preparation.
Vi "S-So big... That's one ugly face! But it kinda smells like pollen. It's really distracting... Gah! Leif, just hit it already!"
Kabbu "To be challenged by the Goddess... Am I really worthy?...No matter. I will cut through its defenses. For the artifact, and for Leif!"
Leif "What a hideous beast... Very unlike Venus. It's the only thing standing between us and our answers. We'll strike it down!"

Trivia Edit

  • Because of it's lowered defense while flying on Hard Mode, Vi's Tornado Toss and Hurricane Toss won't lower as much - the second hit's damage won't go down, and the minimal damage will be 2 or 3, depending on the skill used.
  • The Venus' Bud summon can be skipped by keeping the Venus' Guardian in the air when it's HP is reduced to 22 (20).
  • Venus' Guardian has the most dialogue boxes out of any boss battle at 4.
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