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A Venus' Bud is a plant connected to Venus. She uses them to listen and sense life presences, allowing her to observe most of Bugaria. She can also use them to converse, channel her life magic or fight at a distance.

They can be found at numerous different locations, often before bosses and mini-bosses, offering to heal the player in exchange for berries.

Venus' Buds can be fought in some battles. When hit, they will begin to fly. While in the air, they can only shoot pollen at the team and cannot use their vine attacks or heal allies.

After reaching a certain health threshold, both Acolyte Aria and Venus' Guardian will summon a Venus' Bud to fight by their side.

If the quest Team Snakemouth... is completed, Venus' Buds will offer to heal the team for 5 berries instead of 8.

Spy Logs
Bestiary According to Acolyte Aria, these sturdy plants are part of the Harvest Goddess Venus. They have amazing healing properties, and will always support the denizens of the Golden Hills when Possible. They can also shoot pollen capable of making the liveliest of bugs fall asleep. When Angered, they are able to take flight, and will shoot their pollen nonstop. They can heal their own wounds as long as they are rooted...Their truly divine properties require furthur study.
Kabbu These beings... They are similar to Goddess Venus. This hill is truly sacred ground.

Still, the fact they fly when I strike them...Is a bit cruel. I need to get a weapon for these situations..

Vi Hey, this is a Venus' Bud! I saw them in a storybook once...I wonder if they drop

any rare items? I could get rich proving they're real! But maybe they'll get mad if they find out I hurt it... Bleh. Less thinking more fighting!

Leif There's something off about this creature... We can't help but feel its a shell... How

unsettling... While it's on the ground, we'll make sure to target it.

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