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Ain't a Goddess for nothing!
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Venus, known as the Harvest Goddess, lives at the summit of Golden Hills, where she owns a beautiful garden. Statues of Venus can also be seen at Golden Hills and Golden Settlement. Acolyte Aria is one of her worshippers.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Venus is a tall pink flower with three petals, pink eyes and light green leaf 'furs' attached to a green bondy consist of vines.

Personality[edit | edit source]

When Team Snakemouth first encounters her face-by-face, she is annoyed by the appearance of the team's greed (presumably Vi's caring more about the Ancient Artifacts than her allies). But, after the team explains about their trip, combining with her own experience on them, she decides to give the team a chance by testing their power with her guardian. In this battle she does not attack directly, but instead orders the guardian to perform a set of attacks and powers it up with her magic (as seen in the background). After defeat, she entrusts the team (though still dissatisfied with Vi's greed) with their companionship and true power, answers the team about their questions, and handles them with the Ancient Tablet. Later in the team's adventures, Venus continues supporting the team via Venus' Buds, which fully heals the team for 8 berries which can be discounted to 5 berries by completing the Team Snakemouth... quest, as well as offering potentially helpful hints though chatting.

Venus initially put up an unapproachable and somewhat hostile facade, but later, after the team passes her trial, reveal her friendlier, somewhat mischievous side, commonly showing concern for the party if talked trough her buds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Venus is one of the NPCs who have special dialogue after beating Chapter 7, in which the team ask her about how she came into possesion of the Ancient Tablet.
  • Secrets about Venus can be found in Upper Snakemouth.
  • Her name comes from Venus, the Roman goddess of fertility, love and beauty.
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