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Below are some ideas I have for some Bug Fables Items and Recipes:

  • Burly Pie (Burly Berry + Flour)
  • Spicy Pie (Spicy Berry + Flour)
  • Mysterious Pie (Mystery Berry + Flour)
  • Bread ‘n’ Jam (Dry Bread + Berry Jam)
  • Dandelion Milk (found in overworld, bought, and/or earned through battle)
  • Cheese (Dandelion Milk)
  • Cheese Fries (Danger Spud + Cheese, Baked Yam + Cheese)
  • Burly Ice Cream (Burly Berry + Ice Cream)
  • Spicy Ice Cream (Spicy Berry + Ice Cream)
  • Berry Pudding (Berry Jam + Sweet Pudding)
  • Candied Yam (Glazed Honey + Baked Yam, Glazed Honey + Danger Spud, Honey + Baked Yam, Honey + Danger Spud)
  • Ice Cream Cake (Ice Cream + Frost Pie, Flour + Frost Pie)
  • Egg Salad (Aphid Egg + Crunchy Leaf, Aphid Egg + Aphid Egg, Aphid Egg + Leaf Salad)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (Ice Cream + Succulent Cookies, Honey Ice Cream + Succulent Cookies)
  • Vi’s Special Treat (Glazed Honey + Tangy Berry)
  • Leif's Special Treat (Magic Ice + Mushroom)
  • Kabbu's Special Treat (Burly Candy + Honey)
  • Burly Berry Jam (Burly Berry, Burly Berry + Burly Berry)
  • Spicy Berry Jam (Spicy Berry, Spicy Berry + Spicy Berry)

Feel free to comment with more concepts!