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This may contain spoilers about content or story from the Vi's Request side quest and/or Chapter 6 of Bug Fables: the Everlasting Sapling, since it is inspired by those sections of the game.


[Mothiva] Oh, you came.

[Vi] What do you want me for... and why only me?

[Mothiva] Uh! Isn’t it obvious? You’re famous now, so I thought that featuring you in a new music video could boost my ranks.

[Leif] A music… video?

[Kabbu] Ooh! What is this new technology?

[Mothiva] Engineers at the Termite Capital have invented a way for bugs to watch content virtually on the Mitenet. Now, you can watch videos, movies, blogs and all sorts of things, but that’s besides the point.

[Kabbu] Hmm… I’ll have to catch up on that later!

[Vi] Sooo, what do you need me for, again?

[Mothiva] I’m asking you to perform in a music video with me. It’s that simple. Got it?

[Vi] Yep! ...But you better pay me.

[Mothiva] Oh, don’t worry. I’ll give you a little reward.

[Vi] Yay! Well, this should be fun.

[Leif] (...It will?)

[Kabbu] (Maybe it’s sarcasm.)

[Mothiva walks away, with Vi and Zasp following behind. The rest of Team Snakemouth try to follow, but are stopped.]

[Mothiva] What’re you two still here for?

[Vi] Guys! The video’s a surprise. Remember?

[Kabbu] Oh, yeah. I nearly forgot! Sorry. (Heh… She rhymed.)

[Leif] Are... you going to be okay on your own with her, Vi? (I know she can be quite a drag.)

[Vi] Naaah, don’t worry. I’ll be fine! Besides, if she tries anything funny, I got my Beemerang!

[She brandishes her boomerang, aka the A.D.B.P.]

[Kabbu] Don’t you mean the- Oh, never mind.

[black screen / time skip]

[Vi] [sing-songy tone] We’re baaack!

[Leif] That was fast.

[Kabbu] How’d it go?

[Vi] It went great!

[Leif] Can we go see the video release?

[Vi] Yeah, sure! Let’s go!

[black screen / time skip]

[At the Termite Capital, the public screen in the center of the city's shopping distract has Mothiva’s latest music video, featuring Vi, showing.]

[Leif] Ugh… The high-pitched singing is intolerable.

[Kabbu] Hey! Can’t you be a bit more sensitive to Vi’s feelings? ...Her singing is very lovely, if you ask me.

[Vi] Heehee! Thanks, Kabbu!

[Mothiva & Zasp approach Team Snakemouth.]

[Mothiva] How’s my latest video?

[Kabbu] It’s great! And I’m sure Vi’s appearance will help you with your aim to fame!

[Vi] (Yeah… whatever.)

[Leif] ...

[Mothiva] Well, I’m outta here. I have better places to be. Here’s the stuff I promised you, Vi.

{“You got 75 Berries!”}

[Vi] Woah, that’s a lot.

[Mothiva] When you’re a star like me, it’s easy to earn back.

[Vi] Okay, thanks! (...Let’s hope your light doesn’t go out, big shot.)

[Mothiva] What was that?

[Vi] N-nothing. See ya!

{Quest Completed}

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