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Upper Snakemouth is a sub-area found in Snakemouth Den. It is accessible after obtaining and placing the Peculiar Gem in the hole inside the big ancient door in the same room with the trapdoor leading to the depths of Snakemouth Den.



An abandoned and flooded laboratory that is still powered by the crystals. Unlike the bottom of Snakemouth Den, there is even more water in this area, and Leif's Water Freeze skill is required to be used here. Several projectors showing some Roach scientists' figures can also be found in this area, serving as NPCs. No other NPC bugs are found in this area, but a few cordyceps and mushroom enemies are roaming in this place.

Inside the room with a Gear Machine, there is a secret that can be reached by climbing onto the machine and using Vi to fly over to the ledge near the entrance, Then using Kabbu's Beetle Dig Skill into the small hole in the wall, and then holding Right for a few seconds. The camera will shift into a secret room with Flowers and Vines on the ceiling, a doorway to the right that is blocked by some rubble, and monitors of Flower Gods/Goddesses such as Venus, the music will also turn to static noises. All the screens say 'Guardian', a letter alongside 3 numbers, and a name. It also shows the age and status, which all of them seem to be 'Stable'. Mars and Venus are both over 300 years old, but Pluto is only 34 years old, and the room to the right was most likely a chamber for their experiments.


Bug Fables (Snakemouth Lab's Secret)

Lab Monitors

Guardian: M-001 "Mars"

Age: 361

Status: Stable

Guardian: V-012 "Venus"

Age: 358

Status: Stable

Guardian: P-183 "Pluto"

Age: 34

Status: Stable




  • This area was revealed during the v0.8 teaser.
  • Not much is known about the other 2 Gods other than a Plushie at Metal Island of a flower that looks similar to Venus, and has blue petals.
  • Examining the monitors does not count as a discovery. Vi, Kabbu, and Leif have no reactions to any of the monitors.
  • The Mushroom on the Gear Machine Implies that the Roach Scientists created monsters such as the Bloatshroom and Jellyshroom from regular mushrooms during their experiments.
  • The Guardians are all named after various Roman Gods/Goddesses; Venus was the Roman Goddess of Love, Mars the God of War, and Pluto the God of the Underworld.
  • In the room with the the Gods on the monitors, occasionally, for a single frame, the top-right monitor will light up and display an image of Leif.
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