Underlings are members of the seedling family. When approached on the overworld, it will burrow under the ground and pursue relentlessly.

While most unremarkable from other Seedling family members in terms of offensive capacity, if attacked the Underling will immediately burrow under the ground in an attempt to avoid further blows. It can only be attacked by Leif or skills such as Frigid Coffin or Under Strike when burrowed, which will bring it back up to the surface. Underlings often drop Danger Spuds upon defeat.

Aggressive without provocation, this Seedling variant creates confusion amongst scholars. Despite evolving in an area without predators and have abundant food, they have developed short tempers and even poisonous attacks. Even more ironically, they've become delicious when cooked. Researchers won't stop until they figure out why this creature evolved to make its own life more difficult.

Dear Venus, must we truly deal with such stubborn and irritable creatures? I could try to dig after it myself, but... We'll have to rely on Leif to unearth it instead!

These Seedlings BURROW? Ugh, it's gotta be karma for all those flying Seedlings. Help me out, Leif!

Ah, this must be the Underling that the chefs tend to mention. Poisonous, but sweet. If it digs under, we'll use magic to bring it up. Let's try to capture one... for research.

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