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General Ultimax ULTIMAX Tank

ULTIMAX Tank is the vehicle of General Ultimax. It is used to fight the team during Chapter 6, and it serves as the Chapter Boss.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Fuff's ultimate form, harnessing the power of the Wasp Kingdom's most dangerous arsenal. The machine was built for the Wasp royalty to use in case of emergency, but Fuff stole it after the Wasp King took over. This baby's got so much firepower.
Kabbu We will not be intimidated by your advanced weaponry! You cannot stop us! My horn can still pierce through... For Bugaria, I'll take this thing down!
Vi That's NOT FAIR! You can't just...you can't just hop on whatever that is! What's the Beemerang gonna do against that...? G-Guys, help me out!
Leif ...Alright, then. We've definitely never seen anything like this before. Even so, you're just another hurdle in our path! Kabbu's horn should be able to pierce through!

Battle Information

In battle it can fire bullets or charge at the team, but it can also spend a turn charging up before using its normal charge attack, but at much higher speed and higher damage. At the end of each odd numbered turn, it'll fire two missiles into the air, which will hit marked positions 2 turns later. Both missiles might target the same position. It also won't fire missiles if it charged up this turn. It can also occasionally summon Wasp enemies to assist it. The Wasp Troopers it summons have (7/5) HP, and Wasp Scouts have 7 HP. The summoned wasps act on the turn they're summoned. After losing half of its HP, its cannon will explode. This will prevent it from firing bullets, but now General Ultimax will throw bombs out of the tank like Wasp Bombers do, and the tank will charge up more frequently. When its HP is depleted, the tank will explode, removing any summoned wasps and throwing General Ultimax out onto the battle field.


It has high HP and DEF on both modes, so Kabbu can make this battle go by significantly faster, as his attacks pierce the tank's defense. Alternatively, its defense can be lowered with Break or Heavy Throw. It has high Freeze resistance, so it shouldn't be relied on. Since all of its attacks either hit all characters or hit multiple times, Enfeeble and/or Fortify+ are effective. If it charges up, use Bubble Shield, as the follow up charge deals high damage to everyone even after Cleanse. Frost Bowling with at least one attack up can be used to one shot a summoned wasp and deal high damage to the tank, and even Freeze it.


  • ULTIMAX Tank is the only enemy in the game to use a true 3D model instead of sprites.
  • According to the dev, ULTIMAX Tank is based on General Guy's Tank from ''Paper Mario'', which inspires this game.
  • The soundtrack that plays during this battle, "Battle Against Ultimax, Who Has a Tank", references the name of the final boss soundtrack in Super Mario RPG, "Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming".
  • The ULTIMAX Tank boss fight was hinted at in Chapter 5 during the wasp infiltration. Team Snakemouth discovers that one of the tanks was missing in the armory.
  • The vehicle is not actually a tank in military terms, but an assault gun. A tank possesses both caterpillar treads and a rotating turret or sponson. The ULTIMAX has wheels and a fixed casemate.

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