Bug Fables Wiki

The travelling caravan is a trio of bugs, consisting of Cricketly, Huscada, and Fuzzo that travel across Bugaria with a snail. They sell a variety of different items wherever they go.

If a boss or mini-boss is defeated without Hard Mode equipped, the caravan will sell the medal that Artis would otherwise reward. The caravan will also sell any other medals that are obtainable only for a limited period of time.

Item Location Price
Spicy berry icon.png
Spicy Berry
Bugaria Outskirts,
Golden Settlement,
Termite Capitol
Burly berry icon.png
Burly Berry
Bugaria Outskirts,
Defiant Root,
Termite Capitol
Magic seed icon.png
Magic Seed
Bugaria Outskirts,
Golden Settlement,
Defiant Root,
Termite Capitol
Drowsy cake icon.png
Drowsy Cake
Golden Settlement 10
Succulent berry icon.png
Succulent Berry
Defiant Root 10
Crunchy leaf icon.png
Crunchy Leaf
Termite Capitol 3
Honey drop icon.png
Honey Drop
Termite Capitol 4
Medal Prerequisite Price
Weak stomach icon.png
Weak Stomach
Win the eating competition, but don't talk to Chubee 45
Reflection icon.png
Complete It's Too Hot! without the Leaf Umbrella 45
Quick flea icon.png
Quick Flea
Defeat Spuder 12
Break icon.png
Defeat Zasp and Mothiva (Ch. 2) 30
Spiky bod icon.png
Spiky Bod
Defeat Venus' Guardian 50
Deep taunt icon.png
Deep Taunt
Defeat Ahoneynation 55
Empower icon.png
Defeat Heavy Drone B-33 30
Triumph buzz icon.png
Triumph Buzz
Defeat Astotheles 50
Hard charge icon.png
Hard Charge
Defeat Dune Scorpion 30
Enfeeble icon.png
Defeat The Watcher 50
Block heal icon.png
Block Heal
Defeat Zommoth 75
Reverse toxin icon.png
Reverse Toxin
Defeat The Beast 30
Resist all icon.png
Resist All
Defeat Primal Weevil 55
Tp plus icon.png
TP Plus
Defeat Zasp and Mothiva (Ch. 6) 55
Antlion jaws icon.png
Antlion Jaws
Defeat ULTIMAX Tank 50
Hp plus icon.png
HP Plus
Defeat Cenn and Pisci 45
Life stealer icon.png
Life Stealer
Defeat Monsieur Scarlet 45
Heavy throw icon.png
Heavy Throw
Defeat Kabbu and Kali 30
Tp core icon.png
TP Core
Defeat Mother Chomper 55
Miracle matter icon.png
Miracle Matter
Defeat Broodmother

Defeat Wasp King

Random start icon.png
Random Start
Defeat Carmina 45
Berry finder icon.png
Berry Finder
Defeat Riz 30