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This is a list of the current tasks being worked on by the editors of Bug Fables Wiki!

Current Tasks

Task Status Notes
Fix titles of collapsible tables
Condense minor character pages into one "Minor Characters" page In progress: Minor Characters
Rewrite pages in Category:Locations Finished: Ancient Castle, Ancient City, Ant Kingdom City, Ant Mines, Anthill Palace, [[Bee Kingdom Hive]. Follow the format of finished pages when rewriting. Make sure to add Collectible lists. A normal table is fine.
Add descriptions of enemy attacks to enemy pages. Finished: Seedling, Acornling, Underling. Follow the format of finished pages when rewriting. Be sure to note Hard Mode differences. Remove any references to attacks in the rest of the article after finishing.
Change cardinal directions to (north/west/south/east) to relative directions. In progress Terms to use instead: Left, right, up, down, in front, behind, below, above, lefthand, righthand.
Rewrite Action Commands Not started.
Convert tables to the style found on Editing Guidelines Unfinished
Add sources of ATK/DEF up/down, extra turns, and charges on Status Effects Not Started