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Tidal Wyrm is a bounty optional boss found at the lowest point of Stream Mountain in the Lost Sands, which is accessible after Kabbu learns Beetle Dig and it is next accessible by using Vi's Beemerang to trigger the crystal for the water level to increase and decrease at the right times (by using holding the Beemerang in place and releasing in a timely manor). It is a dragon-esque aquatic creature known for attacking explorers, forcing them to fight in flooded spaces and devouring them whole. The Tidal Wyrm drops a Coal Crystal key item which can be given to Doppel for the bounty reward.

Battle Information

The Tidal Wyrm consists of two segments; while the head contains all of the Tidal Wyrm's health, the tail is a separate target with its own health pool and it moves separately from the head.

Dealing enough damage to the tail causes it to sink, which stuns the Tidal Wyrm for 2 turn, making it unable to take actions. When this stun expires, the tail regains all of its health and returns to the fight. The tail cannot move if the Tidal Wyrm is afflicted with a status effect that prevents taking actions. The tail does not benefit from the Defense boost of numb or the passive healing of sleep, and poison affects it individually. While the tail is inactive, Tidal Wyrm's defense is decreased by 1.

The Tidal Wyrm is immune to being frozen.

The Tidal Wyrm can attack with bites (which target individual party members), a barrage of water orbs (which targets the whole party), or summon a Water Strider or Diving Spider. After every action the Tidal Wyrm takes, the Tail will launch a water orb into the air, which will hit the intended location 2 turns later.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Stream Mountain's depths conceal a vast water network. However, there is something else hidden beneath the currents... An aggressive beast that devours explorers whole! It takes advantage of the watery terrain, forcing bugs to fight it in flooded spaces.

Team Snakemouth managed to defeat it during the low tide season. Thanks to them, no more dreams will get sunk while exploring this mountain.

Kabbu We're fortunate the tide is low. Otherwise, we couldn't reach this beast! Its tail is worth weakening, but I'll need Vi and Leif to assist me!
Vi B-Back off! I'm not your afternoon snack! Get ready to get sunk! That tail's super buff, but it really does a number if we knock it down!
Leif There's too much water... We can't freeze it all. We'll have to deal with this the old-fashioned way." Its tail is constantly barraging us... We must make the time to incapacitate it.

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