Thieves are dragonflies with the ability to steal the player's items, similar to Bandits. They can also fly up close to the party and flap they wing to cause sand or dust fly at the party, dealing damage to everyone. This attack uses the Button Mash/Sequence Action Command for blocking. They appear in the Lost Sands and the Bugaria Theater. They look like buzzards.

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Bestiary These Dragonfly thieves lurk within the Lost Sands. The buss their wings produce while flying hinders their sneakiness, yet their Mug Tackle is 100% effective. Voted the cutest members of the desert bandits, the other members make sure the Dragonflies eat first during times of scarcity.
Vi "A thief!? There's nothing worse in the world! The nerve to steal my hard-earned treasure! I'm gonna knock 'em out of the air and take everything he's stolen!"
Kabbu "Darn! That flying thief keeps stealing my favorite snacks! And I can't reach him at all... Quick, team! We must defeat him before he uses them for himself!"
Leif "Adorable. We've never seen a flying thief before. He steals food before anything else. Maybe if we give him enough of Kabbu's snacks, he will join us? ...Let's defeat him quickly."

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