Thieves are dragonflies with the ability to steal the player's items, similar to Bandits. They appear in Lost Sands and Burgalia Theater. They look like buzzards.

Tattle Log Edit

  • 'These dragonfly thieves lurk within the lost sands. The buzz their wings produce while fling hinder their sneakiness, yet their Mug Tackle is 100% effective. Voted the cutest members of the desert bandits, the other members make sure the dragonflies eat first during times of scarcity.'
  • 'A thief!? There's nothing worse in the world! The nerve to steal my hard earned treasure! I'mm gonna knock it out of the air and take everything it's stolen!' (Bee's Spy)
  • 'Darn! That flying thief keeps stealing my favorite snacks! And I can't reach them at all... Quick, team! WE must defeat it before it uses it for itself!' (Beetle's Spy)
  • 'How cute. We've never seen a flying thief before. It steals food before anything else. Maybe if we give it enough of Beetle's snacks, it will join us? ...Let's defeat it quickly.' (Moth's Spy)