The Wizard is a tarantula who lives in a tower in Far Grasslands. He spends his time in brewing magical ingredients, and does not like being disturbed. He also has a collection of book, which he does not want anyone to take out (except for a Bad Book).

He is the quest giver of 'Find the Ingridients'. The items you need for this quest is an Aphid Dew, a Magic Ice and a Squash. Bring them altogether to the Wizard to complete the quest.

Appearance and Personalities Edit

He is a brown tarantula with yellow eyes and a typical wizard suit that covers his entire body. As an evolved bug, he walks with four legs.

When the team first breaks into his tower, he is quite annoyed, but later when the team finds the ingredients he requests, he begins to trust the team, and teaches Leif a battle skill called 'Frost Relay' with his magic.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other spider enemies, the Wizard uses purely 2D sprites instead of having his legs folded in 3D.
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