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This place is not for bugs.
Leave or be BURIED!!!
Leif's translation of The Watcher's warning
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The Watcher is the boss of Chapter 4: Mysterious Lost Sands. It was the result of the Roaches experimenting on their own kind.[1] It's similar to Haunted Cloths, but its magic is far stronger. After being defeated by the team, it sinks into the sands and drops the Peculiar Gem - the key to Upper Snakemouth.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Of unknown origin, this Roach-shaped creature only knows its purpose is to guard the artifact. Capable of speech and intelligent thought, it is all the more baffling to know it has never been alive.
Kabbu What a formidable sorcerer! I can't predict its moves at all. Perhaps because it is not truly alive...Defeating it will be an act of mercy. And my horn shall deliver victory!
Vi Why can't we ever just grab the artifact? There's always gotta be a creepy, giant, or creepy giant monster! We're super close to the Sapling. I'm not gonna let you stop me!
Leif ...What sad magic. Trapped in here, feeling nothing but anger and contempt. We'll put you to rest, forever this time!


The Watcher is the result of Roach experiments, ending up getting the role of guarding the Other Ancient Half in the Sand Castle. It also was given the key to Upper Snakemouth, the Peculiar Gem.

Battle Information

Like other constructs at the Sand Castle, The Watcher has two modes - sand and ice, although neither of these modes have any weaknesses. It will switch mode at the end of each even-numbered turn. While in sand mode, it attacks by launching multiple sparks at the team at various trajectories, hitting a random bug each time, or going underground, sucking one of the party members with it and draining their HP. The drain attack requires a button mash/button sequence action command to break out, and The Watcher will remain underground after that attack until Leif or another attack that unburies forces it out. In ice mode, it uses Leif's skills - Frigid Coffin and Icefall. These attacks Freeze on a failed block, and Icefall hits everyone.

In addition to its attacks, The Watcher has several support moves. It can raise its ATK or DEF by 1 for 1 turn or restore 5 (6) HP which takes place before the attack and won't use up the boss' turn. It can also create a wall of its element in front of it. The wall has 3 HP and normal weaknesses - Leif's ice for sand wall and Kabbu's Horn for ice wall. Once The Watcher's HP is reduced to 18 (34), it will start taking two actions each turn.


The Watcher is a dangerous opponent with its high damage, buffs and, most importantly, Freeze. Equipping Kabbu with a Super Block+ and having him Taunt can help a lot against its spark attacks if you can read their trajectories well. Freeze Resistance and/or Frostbite can help give an easier time dealing with Freeze. The Watcher can also be Frozen, but has high resistance against it.


  • In its ice mode, The Watcher has the same combat stance as Leif does.
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