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This page is for player to write their strategies for The Everlasting King.

CanvasDayzee's Strategy (No Danger)

I start with: Vi 17 HP(+1 DEF and +1 ATK from stat berries), Kabbu 17 HP, Leif 16 HP, 41 TP and 38 MP. Medals: 2 Poison Attackers, Weak Stomach, Reverse Toxin, Antlion Jaws, ATK Exchange, Status Mirror, Poison Needles and Miracle Matter on Vi (she's the main firepower, as her attack can be absurd when charged and she can hit any enemy). 2 TP Cores and Empower on Leif, and one Meditate on Kabbu(actually Ok with Leif too). I prepared 2 Queen's Dinners, A Poison Bomb and rest are all roasted berries, and Chompy is in the team with Team Ribbon, here's what to do:

  • When he uses fireballs, miss one and only one balls so you can do a free 2 damage on him. The 2 damage on Vi can pretty be ignored as long as you don't mess up, but safety first, guard if Vi is in critical health.
  • For maximum effeciency, I chose roasted berries as the item that poisons Vi. Use Tornado Toss for maximum effenciency (the extra hit from ADBP Enhancer may be worth its 1 extra TP boost so you may try it out when you are copying my homework) after she's poisoned, best way would be Kabbu using berry then Leif use Empower and last Vi attack. On turns when Vi doesn't need poison or ATK Up, hit him three times with her, and use Needle Pincer to poison him on the last hit, and prepare for the flower attack, so that its healing would be almost ignored. If you really need to heal (like about 6 HP) then use Kabbu at last to flip him upwards.
  • When he hits 10 HP on first two rounds, do something to prepare instead of keep hitting him because that would be useless. Like healing Vi if her HP is still low, or eat the QD if even worse, but keep in mind that QD will cure Vi's Poison. There's no need for Eternal Venom actually because after 2 turns Vi will certainly need some heal.

Now, make sure to block the attacks well, and you'll be fine. I used this strategy to finish Hard Mode ELK without problems, didn't equip the Hard Hits but it should work as well since the ELK didn't even finish off my Vi with his attacks, and with HH he may get a chance to do so but it should still be possible to win unless too unlucky. Very doubtful for All Modes, but I guess not much modifiations need to be done either.

(The below Section was added by Tippex)

Idea: perhaps with enough spare mp (as when playing I levelled mostly mp and had hp and tp increased by badges) things like hp plus, mp plus, and maybe poison defender could be used to assist in vi’s durability and allow her to be focused more on damage output and there would be less necessary healing throughout the battle, meaning it could be completed quicker in theory (have not tried it myself)