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Wasp King The Everlasting King

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...Yes...YES! This power will suit me just fine! I will deliver you to your DOOM!
—The Everlasting King
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The Everlasting King is an evolved form of Wasp King, and is the final boss of Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling.

After discovering that the Everlasting Sapling had wilted, the Wasp King had eaten the one remaining seed on the plant, empowering him to become the Everlasting King. He would then battle Team Snakemouth a final time, ending in defeat. After exhausting all of the seed's power, The Everlasting King morphs into a harmless tree.

Bestiary Entries

Although the Everlasting Sapling seemed wilted, it still possessed enough power to morph Hoaxe into an incredibly powerful form. Commanding the power of the artifacts, the flames, and the Sapling, there was no logical way for Team Snakemouth to win. What was the reason, then, for Hoaxe's power to eventually run out...? Sadly, as the Everlasting Sapling is no more, research cannot be conducted.

Everyone...we have never faced power like this. It's overwhelming, but we stand together! Let us destroy the artifacts as he summons them. We must press on until the end!

You dumb jerk! You've caused my friends too much trouble! We're gonna save everyone! I'll get the flying artifacts down... I trust you guys with your parts!

This is it, huh. Vi, Kabbu...thanks for all the good times. We can feel the artifacts... Let's destroy them as soon as they appear. We can't stop now!

Battle Information[edit | edit source]

The Everlasting King starts the battle in the air, and uses different attacks depending on whether he is airborne or grounded. While in the air, he is able to use his (more powerful) fire attacks, while on the ground he will grow roots and regenerate 3 health at the end of each turn. When The Everlasting King's health reaches 10, it will stop decreasing below that point, and he will fully heal himself. After this occurs twice, his health can then decrease below 10 (and therefore he can be defeated).

Hitting the Everlasting King while airborne will place him in his grounded form, while hitting him with an attack that flips an enemy will put him back into the air. Unlike most airborne bosses, The Everlasting King will remain on the ground for multiple turns before returning to his airborne form.

The Everlasting King has plant-based attacks (similar to Venus' Buds) and Ancient Artifact related moves while retaining the moves from his last form. While in the air, the Everlasting King can use his fire and axe attacks, which are notably more powerful than his plant attacks.

On the ground, the Wasp King can only used plant based attacks. The only new attack he can use on the ground is an energy draining attack that steals the health of party members.

Regardless of his current form, the Everlasting King is also able to summon artifact minions. The Ancient Tablet takes 3 hits to destroy (it does not have a health value), and shields the king when spawned, granting invulnerability. The two Ancient Key pieces can fire laser beams or lunge at one party member for TBA(TBA) damage.

If both Artifact Key pieces are alive and The Everlasting King is airborne, they can perform a combined attack to deal massive damage to a single party member.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main Article: The Everlasting King/Strategies

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Elder, a possible reason for The Everlasting King's energy to run out (and for the sapling itself to be wilted) is because the sapling is sealed in a lightless room instead of in the light. This is a 'logic' explanation on why the team can defeat Hoaxe in the end.
  • When the Everlasting King uses the Sapling's power and when he is running out of his power, the Dead Lander's theme plays.
  • He doesn't have any dialogues when healing in B.O.S.S.
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