The Beast is the boss of Chapter 5. It is a giant, monstrous centipede. Kabbu has first encountered it back when he traveled from the north to the Ant Kingdom with his master and his friend. It has attacked the travelers, and only Kabbu managed to escape alive. After the most recent mission bring the team to the Far Swampland, he resolves to slay The Beast in revenge. This leads to him choosing not to hide when The Beast comes towards the party, ignoring the protests of the rest of the team as well as Maki, choosing to fight the monster instead. The team nearly gets overwhelmed, but Kabbu manages to gather all of his strength and slay The Beast, saving his new friends.

In addition to it's defense and high HP, The Beast can attack by either biting a bug or stabbing them with it's horns. Horns deal more damage, while the bite drains HP. It can also unleash a poisonous breath. This attacks hits the entire party, requiring a Button Mash/Button Sequence action command to block, poisoning on failure. It can also spend a turn charging, dashing and damaging everyone with it's horns on it's next turn. It can burrow underground, making itself untargetable by most attacks. It can only use it's bite attack while underground, and won't attack on the turn it burrowed on normal difficulty. Before taking it's action, it can roar and raise it's attack by 1 for 2 turns. This move becomes more common the less HP it has remaining. Upon being reduced to 25(28) HP, it will start taking two action per turn, although it will never charges it's dash as it's first action.

While battling it in Chapter 5, it won't go bellow 10 HP. After getting it's turn at this level of HP, it will KO both Vi and Leif, and also reduce Kabbu to 1 HP. At this point, Kabbu's anger and determination will heal him to full HP and permanently increase his attack. Just keep him in the front row and keep attacking, and you should win the fight.

Save your Freezes to the end of the fight if you can - you'll need them to deal with The Beast's damage output once it starts making two powered up attacks per turn. Defense Up and/or Attack Down can also give you much needed breathing room. If it burrows, get it back above ground either with Leif's basic attack, or with Under Strike/Frozen Drill for more damage (as well as a chance to Freeze with the second option)..If it charges, use Cleanse, as the dash doesn't deal much damage by itself.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary This terrifying creature haunted the Wild Swamplands, devouring everything without mercy. The Leafbug tribes are the only inhabitants who adapted well enough to evade it. Kabbu brought it to its end, avenging the friends he lost while traveling to Bugaria...
Vi "Kabbu, calm down! Or you're gonna get hurt! ...Or get us hurt! What do I do? It's super strong... Guess I'll just have to do what I do best. Beat it up!"
Kabbu "GRAAAAAAAAAH! Today, you will suffer the pain of every bug you've hurt! Vi, Leif...forgive my selfishness...Just this once, this is something I must do!"
Leif "Kabbu! We understand your pain...but keep it together! We cannot attack this beast without a plan! Although, truth be told... it's strong and resilient. An all out offensive may be our only chance!"

Trivia Edit

  • The Beast is a giant amazon centipede - one of the largest and most dangerous centipedes.
  • The Beast grins before it's attack, suggesting that it's both intelligent and sadistic.
  • The 10 HP event is skipped while fighting The Beast in B.O.S.S. Instead, the fight progresses normally.
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