The Termite Capitol, also known as Termite City is a town area found in the Forsaken Lands. It is an underground dome with highly developed technology and a night-city theme. East of it is a pier connected to the Metal Lake.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Unlike other areas where bugs live, the Termite Capitol is a city filled with neon lights, machines and conveyor belts, as opposed to natural settlements with plants and papercraft boxes. Tall buildings equipped with lifts can be found in this area.

Notable places like the Termite Palace, the Colosseum and DineMite can be found here. There is an electronic Quest board in the plaza.

The city has an inn called Dome Hotel, where Team Snakemouth can rest for some Berries. Inside this location, a microwave can be found.

Items[edit | edit source]

Termite Shop[edit | edit source]

DineMite[edit | edit source]

Bomb Shop[edit | edit source]

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