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Termacade is one of the facilities in Ant Kingdom City. Team Snakemouth can earn tokens and useful Items there by playing various games.


The Termacade is an arcade built in the Ant Kingdom by the Termites. The building is unlocked after meeting Queen Elizant II in Bugaria Pier during Chapter 6. You can play 2 different arcade games and earn tokens used to buy items, some exclusive to the Termacade such as Ribbons and Medals. You can purchase tokens from the register, each token being worth 3 berries, or earn them yourself by playing the games and getting a high enough score. The Termacade is a red building with buttons on the sides. To the left is the register where you can exchange tokens for items. The green and yellow arcade machines host the games Flower Journey and Mite Knight respectively, while the red machine displays the two games' high scores. There are 2 employees inside; the one behind the counter does transactions and the other explains how the games work. The workers (aside from the advertiser outside) wear green bow-ties around their abdomen and neck.

Beating both games' high scores (4500 for Flower Journey and 9500 for Mite Knight) will unlock the 'Gamer' Achievement.

Game Descriptions

Game Descriptions
Mite Knight "In Mite Knight, you'll help the Termite Knight reach the top of the tower! Use (Up) (Down) (Left) and (Right) to move around! If you hold down (Confirm/Jump/Interact), you can raise your shield to block enemy attacks and move without turning! To attack enemies, just hold (Up) when in front of them! You'll earn points for defeating them! You can drink potions to heal up when it gets rough! But most importantly... find the Gold Key in every floor to unlock the way upwards! If you get lost, just wait a bit. A compass will show up to help! Try to clear the game fast, and without taking damage. That's the recipe for a HIGH High score! I hope you have a great time here at the Termacade!"
Flower Journey "In Flower Journey, you control a little Bee looking for pollen! You've gotta avoid the Wasps and logs by flying with (Confirm/Jump/Interact)! You'll slowly earn score as you play, or you could collect flowers! The more you get in a row, the better your score gets!"

Game Strategies

Flower Journey

  • Avoid grabbing flowers that are too close to walls or that you cannot recover from after grabbing. As the game speed increases, there will be flowers that cannot be grabbed without dying afterwards.

Mite Knight

  • Sidestep to look through paths quickly.
  • Use Shield-Sidestepping to keep the Ants in front of you.
  • Block unexpected attacks from the side with your Shield.
  • In the final floor, take out the closest Wizard first, then the farther one by Shield-Sidestepping facing the exit.
  • Try not to get in over your head; when in battle, take enemies 1 at a time.
  • Go for Potions whenever you need to.

Items Sold

Item Price
Bag of flour icon.png
Bag of Flour
Magic seed icon.png
Magic Seed
Spicy fries icon.png
Spicy Fries
Tangy berry icon.png
Tangy Berry
Empower+ icon.png
Enfeeble+ icon.png
Fortify+ icon.png
Break+ icon.png
Charge up+ icon.png
Charge Up+
Venom ribbon icon.png
Venom Ribbon
Shocking ribbon icon.png
Shocking Ribbon
Drowsy ribbon icon.png
Drowsy Ribbon


  • Unlike Mite Knight, Flower Journey's description doesn't have "I hope you have a great time here at the Termacade!" at the end.
  • The Wizard enemy is based off an actual character from the game.
  • The Flower Journey game is similar to the classic Flappy Bird game, though the former also introduces invincible items and mobile hazards like the wasp.
  • You can find the HARDEST Menu Code after beating two games' high scores and talk to the exchanger.
  • Prior to version 1.03, the high score for Flower Journey was 5000.
  • According to Genow, there were originally supposed to be 3 games as opposed to 2.[1] Unused files suggest a board game minigame with textures and text was this third minigame.[2]
    • Additionally, Text files also suggest a racing game refered to as "Kart Kart". As there are no known textures or further info, it was most likely scrapped early in development.[3]


Getting into Combat in Mite Knight

Mite Knight Title Screen


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