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Team Snakemouth is a new Exploration Team in Bugaria. It consists of Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling's three playable characters: Kabbu, Vi and Leif. An optional member, Chompy, can be gained after Chapter 3.

From humble beginnings in Snakemouth Den, this team would later go on to become one of the strongest and most recognized teams in all of Bugaria.


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Chapter 1

The team started out as a shaky alliance between Kabbu and Vi, born out of necessity. After barely passing Maki's challenge, they received an Explorer Permit, granting them access into Snakemouth Den.

During their first mission, the pair comes across a moth trapped in a web. They try to free him, but a spider ambushes them. While battling the spider, they free the moth, and escape into a narrow cave. The moth wakes up and introduces himself as Leif, a scout from a past mission. He warns them he has no combat ability, so he follows them from behind for protection.

When a Jellyshroom sneaks up on them, Leif instinctively turns around and casts an ice spell, freezing it in its tracks. Kabbu and Vi are astonished, as well as Leif, who claims this is new to him. Since Leif can fight now, he joins the team in future battles.

Reaching the end of the caverns, the team finds the Ancient Mask. The spider returns and surprise-attacks them, but fighting as a trio, they manage to defeat it. The room floods, and the team washes up on the shores of Bugaria Outskirts.

Chapter 2

The team's successes in Snakemouth Den proves their strength to Queen Elizant II, who assigns them their next mission at the Golden Hills.

After meeting the Queen, Leif realizes he may have been trapped in Snakemouth Den for decades. Kabbu recommends that they continue exploring, and perhaps find clues about Leif's past. Leif agrees, and admits that Kabbu and Vi are fun to be around and decides to stay with them. The team finds themselves hungry, so they stop by Fry's and share food together. They bond over this experience, becoming closer friends.

Once they reach the Golden Settlement, they wait until nightfall for the Golden Festival to begin. Vi explains that she doesn't like other Bees because they did not want her to become an explorer. Leif relates to her feelings of being an outcast. Kabbu assures Vi and Leif that they are not outcasts in the team, which makes them feel better.

Vi plays Whack-a-Worm and Leif participates in the eating competition, having fun while collecting offerings. Kabbu is nominated by Vi and Leif to participate in the final ceremony, which is revealed to be a battle against Acolyte Aria to please the goddess Venus. The battle is won, and the gate to the Golden Hills opens.

Midway through their mission, the team is approached by Mothiva, who is accompanied by Zasp. She is jealous that the team has been receiving all the attention for claiming the first artifact, and asks them to step aside. While Kabbu would normally let them pass, finding the artifact matters a lot to his friends Vi and Leif, so he refuses to back down. Team Mothiva clashes with Team Snakemouth, but lose the fight and run off.

In the Sacred Hills up above, the team meets Venus, who summons a powerful guardian. By defeating her guardian, the team passes her trial, and claim the Ancient Tablet. Leif asks Venus about what happened to his old scouting team. She tells Leif that the other two members of his old team made it out of Snakemouth Den alive, which brings him some comfort.



"Defeating it will be an act of mercy. And my horn shall deliver victory!" - Bestiary Entry 64, "The Watcher"

Kabbu is a rainbow scarab beetle who traveled far from the north of Bugaria through the Wild Swamplands and Far Grasslands to join the Explorer's Association as a promise to someone important to him. The lone soul to survive the harsh journey, he lost numerous friends and companions in the process, especially when he encountered a horrifying foe. At first, his plight was initially rejected by Maki, but after Vi made a scene, the two joined forces to overcome a trial set by the mantis. After passing the examination, he was accepted alongside Vi and the two went to Snakemouth Den.

He is a very kind, brave, and stoic, yet considerate individual who prides himself and his allies on their successes, constantly being a well of unending confidence and inspiration. Being well-read and trained in combat and survival gives him fierce strength in battle, which he shows time and time again with his large horn serving him as a useful weapon and tool, alongside a vast chasm of knowledge he holds. His frequent over-zealousness can lead to him getting too excited or careless in certain situations, and panicked or frustrated in desperate times, but in the end, he cares deeply for those closest to him, doing everything in his power to protect everyone he can.


"Let's beat it up and get that treasure!" - Bestiary Entry 61, "Spider"

Vi is a western honey bee who came from the Bee Kingdom's Hive, atop the desert town of Defiant Root, in search of a rare artifact within Snakemouth Den. She had traveled there to prove to everyone in her home that she could be an awesome explorer, fighting their opposing words and quitting her job in the Honey Factory. Arguing to Eetl that she is the self-proclaimed "best fighter in the hive." After being rejected at first, she reluctantly and awkwardly joined up with Kabbu in hopes of profiting from their endeavor and ultimately proving her worth, finding vastly more than just wealth along the way.

Vi is a hotheaded, loud-mouthed girl full of energy, commonly acting selfish and sarcastic and requesting rewards from practically every job, errand, or offer she encounters. She is often mistaken for being a child due to her short stature. She rejects most other bees' uptight behavior, preferring life on the open road and enjoying every moment she has to earn every berry, item, or treasure she can get her hands on. Her Beemerang is an effective tool for activating many switches and rotating cogs to move and raise platforms, defying normal physics in the process, as well as being useful as a long-ranged weapon in combat, reaching any enemy. Underneath her everlasting greediness is a deep kindness for her friends and family, showing her truer colors in moments of crisis or compassion. No matter the circumstance, she'll never leave her friends behind in the heat of the moment. Usually.


"We'll deal with these feelings... after you've been disposed of!" - Bestiary Entry 70, "Zommoth"

Leif is a geometer moth who was discovered within the depths of Snakemouth Den by Kabbu and Vi, having been trapped there for dozens of years. A deep secret unveiled that he had a failed cordyceps experiment fuse with his body, granting him the ability to control ice magic with skillful efficiency and to sense magical energy wherever it may be. Wanting to rediscover his past he had lost from his long slumber, he agreed to help the two explorers on their journey to assist in finding the Everlasting Sapling, and in doing so, finding much more than he ever could of imagined.

Leif is a cool, relaxed, and fiercely focused individual, well-mannered and typically polite, whom freely speaks his mind regardless of the conversation. Referring to himself as "We" as a bug of royalty would normally do, he is incredibly intelligent, but can often be so straightforward that he comes off as very blunt or nonplussed about the feelings of others. This is thoroughly disproved under times of stress or seriousness, where he shows immense honesty to his friends and allies. On the field, Leif utilizes the unique power of controlling ice to create platforms on water, blocks out of droplets, or crossing dangerous terrain with a shield, and in battle, hits enemies with a barrage of devastating attacks, to the point where he often freezes them completely solid. He can also increase the strength and defense of his party, while lowering the same for his attackers. Behind the calmness he tends to display hides a mysteriousness that he often has trouble explaining, but overall, he refuses to be bested without a fight, and is massively respectful of his teammates and protects them with an unwavering loyalty and trust, considering them to be his closest family.

Also, he has a soft spot for cute, domesticated bugs and critters.



Midway into their adventure (specifically, after the events of Chapter 3), after Leif learns the Bubble Shield skill, they explore a cavern known as Chomper Cave, located along the Golden Path. Within it, they defeat the optional mini-boss Mother Chomper. After obtaining a Chomper Seed from the defeated boss, the party takes it to Defiant Root's Bee Kingdom Hive, delivering it to Professor Honeycomb. She then allows it to incubate and eventually grow into the team's fourth member, a baby Chomper whose name defaults to Chompy, but can be changed to anything Team Snakemouth desires.


  • Team Snakemouth and Team Slacker are the only known teams in Bug Fables whose names aren't based on the leader.
  • Team Snakemouth and Team Maki are the only known teams in Bug Fables with more than two members.