Team Maki is one of the explorer teams. Its leader is Maki.

Battle StatsEdit

Team Maki is fought after finishing the quest 'Confidential' as an optional superboss. True to its description, the team is VERY powerful. Maki has an HP of 85 and DEF of 3, and the rest two members' stats aren't low either. Kina will raise her ATK whenever Maki is hit, and Yin will keep boosting the other two members' stats continously. The player will have to plan for what fits them most in order to win. For the stats of them in detail, check their individual page.

Defeating Team Maki will unlock the 'Ultimate Team' Achivement.


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  • Team Maki is actually formed already during the main story, though Yin is completely incapable of speech or attacking at those points.
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