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Team Celia is an exploration team for the Ant Kingdom, formed by Levi and Celia.

The party first meets them outside the Explorers' Association, standing near an Ancient Crystal. They will teach the party how to save their game and do it for them as at that point no Field Skills are unlocked.

They also help the party fend off against some wasps during the events of chapter 2.

After Chapter 2 is finished, they post the quest Requesting Assistance, in which they request for help in apprehending Monsieur Scarlet - a criminal who lures unsuspecting bugs in his hideout and drains their life by posting fake quests. They both get injured during the fight, and spend some time recovering. They reward the team with access to the Underground Tavern hidden in Ant Kingdom City's commercial district.

After Chapter 4, when the Ant Kingdom gets attacked by wasps, they help with civilian evacuation.

Finally, during Chapter 7, they go along with the other explorers into the Giants' Lair, helping them fight off the Dead Lander ambush and later protect the Roach Village against the out of control fire constructs.


  • Levi is one of the very few ladybugs able to travel through the Ant Kingdom with minimal restrictions. A theory is brought up by Vi that it's because Celia is actually spying on him, but it's never confirmed or denied.