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TANGYBUG is a secret optional boss in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. It can be found after completing the 50th wave in the Cave of Trials, appearing only if a Tangy Berry is in the fourth item slot of the inventory or 4 total Tangy Berries are in the inventory at the time of completion. If the conditions are met, the roach hologram conducting the trial will malfunction and the battle will begin.

It appears as a silhouette of Tanjerin, similar to enemies encountered in the Cave of Trials that have not been seen in battle before. Its name when selected as a target is glitchy.

Battle Information

It cannot be spied, but the Spy Specs medal will reveal its stats. TANGYBUG begins the battle airborne and with a permanent x2 Actions per turn. It uses a collection of attacks lifted from other enemies in the game. When in the air, it is capable of a sweeping attack, freeze wind attack and a leeching attack reminiscent of a Haunted Cloth. When grounded, it fights very similarly to the enemy version of Kabbu, with the exception of summoning vines from the ground akin to a Venus' Bud, launching a poisonous projectile much like the Jellyshroom, or using a multi-rock barrage similar to Wasp Driller. Similarly to The Everlasting King, using flipping attacks on TANGYBUG while it's grounded will send it back on air. It is notably weak to ice, alluding to a Fruity Bug's supposedly half-plant nature.

After defeat, it reveals the PUSHROCK Menu Code. It will also add a tangy berry trophy in the Flower Key House.


  • Genow, one of the main creators and lead writer for the game, attributes the creation of this secret boss to the official Bug Fables Discord server's influence.[1]


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