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Stratos is a boss in Bug Fables. He is part of Team Slacker with Delilah. He can be fought during the quest Getting Bored.

Battle Information

Stratos starts the battle in front of Delilah as the tank, He can slash a member of Team Snakemouth which will reduce that members attack for 1 turn, sword bash which is if his eye glows before he moves and in a ready stance, will hit one member of Team Snakemouth and reduce their defense for 1 turn, slash a member 3 times but for less damage, charge up damage, strike all members of Team Snakemouth with a jump strike that will also lower defense on all members for 2 turns, or make a shockwave that deals damage to one of Team Snakemouth.

If Delilah is down, Stratos can use a Magic Seed to revive her, and if both of them are low, he can also use Queen's Dinner to heal.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Team Slacker's brawn. His giant stature betrays his kind disposition. His weapon isn't actually special - his proficiency with the blade makes the wood cut like steel. His favorite food is Plumpling Pie.
Kabbu Do not be fooled by his calm disposition, my friends. I can sense in Stratos the heart of a warrior! If we can't decipher his swordplay soon, we won't be able to block effectively!
Vi Heheh. Leave it to me, guys! I'll buzz around hi-WOAH! H-He's so fast, what the heck!? That's not fair when he's so bulky!
Leif ...We underestimated them. What a shame that they didn't use this power to help us stop the Wasp King. Stratos can fire shockwaves from sheer strength...it's not even magic. What a guy.

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