This page is for player to share their strategies for Spy Cards.

Strategies Edit

Healing Deck Strategy Edit

  • Boss: Venus' Guardian
  • Mini Boss: Acolyte Aria and Monsieur Scarlet
  • 4 Venus Bud ,3 (any 4 attack card), 3 (any 3 attack card), 1 (any 2 attack card), 2 Denmuki

A simple and OP deck that only needs venus bud and Venus Guardian to be functional. Early in the fight just scale your damage with how much mana you have (the variety of attack numbers should guarantee a balanced scaling), then after turn 7 or 8 start adding the healing Venus Bud to your attacks. Denmuki and Monsieur Scarlet are optional, but recommended as they complement nicely the deck

Blue Blimp (CanvasDayzee)'s Strategies Edit

My combination is:

  • Boss: Seedling King
  • Mini Boss: Dead Lander Gamma and Dead Lander Alpha
  • 2 Seedlings, 2 Acornlings, 2 Flowerlings, 1 Underling, 1 Numbnail, 1 Ironnail, 2 Chomper Brutes, 1 Wasp Bomber.

This combination requires you to be quite late in game, but you can actually switch Ironnail and Dead Landers into something else if you want to play Spy Cards earlier, should be able to work as well. I use the weak Seedling cards to handle the first rounds, then after getting Seedling King, try to throw it with all other seedlings to deal much damage. The flowerlings turns out to be actually more helpful than Venus Buds in this case probably because they are also buffed by the Seedling King. Otherwise, throw stronger cards like Chomper Brutes or Mini-bosses, or a numbing card so that you can hold off opponent's firepower. Not 100% guaranteed to win, but this works pretty well in most cases.

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