"SCREEEEEE!" ― Spuder

Spuder (in game named Spider) is the main boss of the Prologue, in Snakemouth Den. He guards the Ancient Artifact. In the first and second fights, Spuder is unkillable, as he has 999 HP and 99 DEF [1]. However, in the 3rd fight, he is damageable, seemingly because of Moth freezing Spuder entirely, which seems to weaken him.

Spuder can move twice in one turn, which included making himself hang from the ceiling. Spuder will summon an Inichas and a Jellyshroom when it has less than 50% HP remaining, and will shoot 2 poison bubbles when hanging instead of one. It can also breath out poisonous clouds that hits all the members and poisons them. Despite the fact that he can trap the explorers in webs, he can't do so in battle.

The party can re-battle Spuder if they go in the first big door in Snakemouth Den after finishing the prologue and later in B.O.S.S..

Tattle Log Edit

  • The ender of journeys, this vicious spider made Snakemouth Den its hunting ground as it guarded an ancient artifact. Seemingly immortal, it haunted the cave for countless years before being defeated by a trio of explorers. Although it is now gone, the stories of bugs trapped in its web will haunt explorers forever.'
  • 'This spider...just gets scarier the more I look at it. but I'm not going to run away this time! I'll knock it out from the sky whenever it climbs up its web. Let's beat it up and get that treasure!' (Bee's Spy)
  • 'We meet again... you vicious affront to bugkind. For all the suffering you've caused,, WE will see to your end! I'll rely on the others to knock the beast down when I can't reach it. And use my stills to protect them from damage!' (Beetle's Spy)
  • 'This may be unbecoming of us but... After so long, we're going to get revenge. For all the time we spent on that cocoon... you will suffer tenfold! As long as Bee keeps it knocked down, we will attack it without a hint of mercy!' (Moth's Spy)


  • His name is actually not Spuder, as only his friends call him Spuder [2].