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The Spider is the boss of the Chapter 1. He is located in Snakemouth Den and, intentionally or not, guards the Ancient Mask.

The Spider is considered a lesser bug, and is incapable of coherent speech. During the course of Chapter 1, he attacks Vi and Kabbu in two separate (cutscene-like) fights, and a final fight at the end of the chapter with the full party.

The ender of journeys, this vicious Spider made Snakemouth Den its hunting ground while guarding an ancient artifact. Seemingly immortal, it haunted the cave for countless moons before being defeated by a trio of explorers. Although it is now gone, the stories of bugs trapped in its web will haunt explorers forever.

We meet again... you vicious affront to bugkind. For all the suffering you've caused, I...no, WE will see to your end! I'll rely on the others to knock the beast down when I can't reach it. And use my stills to protect them from damage!

This spider...just gets scarier the more I look at it. but I'm not going to run away this time! I'll knock it out from the sky whenever it climbs up its web. Let's beat it up and get that treasure!

This may be unbecoming of us but... After so long, we're going to get revenge. For all the time we spent on that cocoon... you will suffer tenfold! As long as Bee keeps it knocked down, we will attack it without a hint of mercy!

Battle Information[edit | edit source]

Spider is battled three times over the course of Chapter 1.

Encounter 1[edit | edit source]

In the first battle, Kabbu is alone as Vi had retreated from the encounter. Spider is scripted to use his bite attack on the first turn, and then he will hang from a web and use his poison spit on the second turn.

Kabbu must survive two turns of attacks before the battle ends automatically.

Encounter 2[edit | edit source]

In the second battle, Kabbu and Vi must destroy the Web behind Spider that contains Leif. Once the Web is destroyed, the battle ends automatically.

In both of these encounters, Spider cannot be harmed, as he has 99 defense and 999 HP. He also cannot be Spied in these encounters.

Encounter 3[edit | edit source]

In the third encounter, the team has become stronger and has Leif as well, allowing them to defeat it.

Spider will attack twice every round from the start of the battle. When he reaches half of its health, he will summon an Inichas in front of him and a Jellyshroom behind him. He will break out of any movement impeding status effects as he does this. Additionally, his Poison Spit attack will fire twice instead of once.

Using one of his turns, Spider can hang from the ceiling using a web, making him airborne.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Spider is referred to as "Spuder" within the game's files and in the title of its boss theme.
  • In the Bug Fables demo, the Spider can be refought by entering the large door in Snakemouth Den after finishing the demo chapter.
    • In the full version, this door instead leads to the entrance of Upper Snakemouth.
  • The Spider appears to be a brown recluse.

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