Snakemouth Den is a cavern at the edge of the Ant Kingdom. It is rumored that roaches used to live in this area long ago. It is the dungeon of Chapter 1.

Fungi have overrun the place and few explorers come back alive. This is the first dungeon explored by the main trio. The team meet Leif here. The boss of this area is Spider.

This is where the Ancient Mask is found.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A cave with many blue mushrooms and streams. In the second room, there is a big door and a trapdoor, leading to Upper Snakemouth and the depths of Snakemouth Den, respectively. The latter is the main area of Chapter 1. At the top left corner of the room, there's an exit that leads to a beautiful garden where Healing Sophie is found (accessible after learning Bee Fly). The trapdoor area leads to another big door, which can be unlocked after the two big crystals on each side of the divided paths beside it are activated. Inside it is the Ancient Mask that is connected to a flooding trap. The water in this area seems to flow to the area near the entrance of Golden Path. Once Kabbu obtains Under Strike, Team Snakemouth can then re-enter Snakemouth Den by digging under the gate that blocks off the original entrance.

Enemies in the Area[edit | edit source]

Subareas[edit | edit source]

Medals in the Area[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are Spy Specs in Poison Defender's place in the demo.
  • In the demo version, the big door in the room with the trapdoor leads to a simple room with an NPC Zombiant, who allows the team to refight Spider. This feature is continued through the B.O.S.S. program in the final version, and the door now leads to Upper Snakemouth, an area accessible only after Chapter 4.
  • The Mushroom dropped after clearing the trapdoor puzzle cannot be collected by Vi's Beemerang. This is intentional.
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