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Snakemouth Den is a cave whose entrance is found at the end of Snakemouth Way in the Bugaria Outskirts. It serves as the dungeon for Chapter 1 and is where Team Snakemouth first meet Leif. It was once home to the Roaches and houses the Ancient Mask. The entrance of the cave resembles a snake.

The upper portion of the cave contains a large door which leads to Upper Snakemouth and a trapdoor which leads to an area called the Snakemouth Depths. The depths are predominantly filled with a variety of large blue mushroom and numerous fungi-based monsters including Zombiants and Jellyshroom. Throughout the depths are a number of puzzles which act as protection for the artifact. A large spider also roams the area. At the end of the depths is a room containing several large crystals imbedded into the ceiling and the ancient mask which rests on a pedestal. Once the mask is removed, the pedestal sinks into the ground, triggering a trap which floods the area. The flood eventually empties into a river in Bugaria Outskirts.

Above and to the left of the first large door is an exit to a small outdoors area which contains a Sophie tree and a Sophie Petal.

After completing Chapter 1, the path to Snakemouth Den is blocked off by a gate which can be dug under once Kabbu learns the ability to dig.


Item Location
Crystal berry icon.png
Crystal Berry
Hanging from a vine in the first room. Can be knocked down using the beemerang. Reached by using fly to cross a pillar with a mushroom on it.
Inside a bush on the left side of the submerged lake room, to the left of a sign.
Behind a large mushroom to the left side of the second large door.
Discovery #01 Enter Snakemouth Den
Discovery #02 Save Leif
Discovery #03 Read the explorer's message on the leaf at the end of the first room.
Discovery #04 Observe the roach statue at the start of the room with the second large door.
Discovery #19 Enter the room containing the Sophie tree above and to the left of the first large door.
Sophie petal icon.png
Sophie Petal
On the floor of the room containing the Sophie tree above and to the left of the first large door.
Hp plus icon.png
HP Plus
On a pillar in the middle of the submerged lake room.
Poison defender icon.png
Poison Defender
Inside ruins to the right of the second large door.
Poison resistance icon.png
Poison Resistance
On a mushroom on the right half side of the mushroom-filled room beyond the second door.
Magic seed icon.png
Magic Seed
In a bush at the very end of the room to the right of the second door.
Ancient mask icon.png
Ancient Mask
Obtained before fighting Spuder.

Help Dialogue


Entrance Kabbu: Snakemouth den is quite dangerous, but this room is quite cozy.
Vi: Let's go before you jinx it.
Large Door (chapter one) Kabbu: We've reached a dead end.
Vi: But it's ancient ruins so not really.
Kabbu: Right. If we leave no stone unturned, we will open a path!
Large Door Leif: This room brings back bad memories.
Kabbu: Agreed. Just thinking about it makes my back hurt. Vi: Oh yeah. I heard a bounceshroom showed up there after the flood! We can go down whenever we need to!
Leif: We would really prefer not to...
Kabbu: Besides, I feel as though this room is hiding more secrets than we can imagine!
Vi: Fine, fine. We'll walk around!
Spider's den (before Leif is rescued) Kabbu: We're trapped. Well, I am. How shameful, to make Vi come to such a dangerous place.
Vi: Look, I can take care of myself. Don't make me regret soming with you.
Kabbu: Sorry, i shouldn't undermine your choice. Let's press forward!
Spider's den Kabbu: This is that blasted spider's den. I really don't want to stay here any longer.
Vi: No kidding. Can we just go?
Depths Lake (before Leif learns ice magic) Kabbu: This room is suprisingly straightforward.
Vi: No issues here. I needed a break from all the death traps.
Leif: It's a good chance to stretch our legs.
Kabbu: Leif. If you need to take a break, let us know. Vi will carry you.
Vi: That is not happening.
Leif: Oh, the fatigue, it kicks in...
Vi: I said it's not happening!
Depths Lake Leif: The spores in this room are quite nice
Vi: Yep. Blue and pretty. Like that convenient ice magic you pulled off here. Kabbu: It's made you more than formidable at combat.
Vi: If anything, it'll be easier to get out now.
Kabbu: Indeed. If we stick together, we should be able to do it.
Leif: As long as we can keep control over it...
Dib (Before nearby enemies are defeated) Kabbu: This kid is in danger! It's not time to talk!
Dib (After nearby enemies are defeated) Kabbu: Dib is safe. Let's reunite these two already.
Depths Door (closed) Vi: This room is gigantic!
Kabbu: Indeed. It's hard to know where to go.
Leif: When in doubt, go left.
Vi: No way, right is right!
Kabbu: Given the way this cave has been laid out... I belive we will have to go both ways.
Leif: What a drag...


Enemy Formations

Main Article: Enemy Formations.



  • There are Spy Specs in Poison Defender's place in the demo.
  • In the demo version, the big door in the room with the trapdoor leads to a simple room with an NPC Zombiant, who allows the team to refight Spider. This feature is continued through the B.O.S.S. program in the final version, and the door now leads to Upper Snakemouth, an area accessible only after Chapter 4.
  • The Mushroom dropped after clearing the trapdoor puzzle cannot be collected by Vi's Beemerang. This is intentional.