Skills, or Battle Skills, are special attacks used in battle for either buffs or increased damage. All skills cost a certain ammount of TP to use.

This is a list of all skills in the demo:

Bee's SkillsEdit

Name Effect TP Cost Obtained
Tornado Toss Hit an enemy up to 4 times with the Beemerang. 3 Starting Skill
Secret Stash Heals a party member for 4 HP and cures poison. 2 Learned at rank 2.

Beetle's SkillsEdit

Name Effect TP Cost Obtained
Taunt Makes enemies focus only on attacking Beetle for the current turn. 2 Starting Skill
Horn Dash Beetle dashes forward, hitting all grounded enemies and also flipping them. 5 Learned at rank 3.
Pebble Toss Tosses a rock at an enemy. This move always deal 1 damage. 1 Equip the Mighty Pebble Medal.

Moth's SkillsEdit

Name Effect TP Cost Obtained
Icefall Chucks an ice projectile at a location, hitting enemies around that location and maybe freezing them for 2 turns. 4 Starting Skill
Charge Up Grants +1 charge (temporary attack buff) to an ally, up to 3 charges total. 3 Learned at rank 4.
Break Reduces an enemy's defense by 1 for 2 turns 3 Equip the Break Medal.