Skills, or Battle Skills, are special attacks used in battle for either buffs or increased damage. All skills cost a certain amount of TP to use.

This is a list of all skills in the game:

Vi's Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Effect TP Cost Obtained
Tornado Toss Hit an enemy up to 4 (5 with ADBP Enhancer) times with the Beemerang. Successive hits deal decreasing damage. 3 (4) Starting Skill
Hurricane Toss Hit an enemy up to 4 times (5 with ADBP Enhancer) , ignores 1 point of defense, and flips flippable enemies 5 (6) Chapter 2
Secret Stash Heals a party member for 4 HP and cures poison. 3 Learned at rank 2
Needle Toss Throw 2 needles, (3 with ADBP Enhancer) dealing full damage each, unless you hit the same enemy twice in a row, in which case the second hit deals 1 damage less (and 3rd hit 2 damage less than the 1st, with Enhancer). Ignores defense. 4 (5) Learned at rank 11
Needle Pincer Hit the first grounded enemy twice (3 times with ADBP Enhancer), dealing full damage on each hit with an additional point on the first hit. Ignores defense. 5 Learned at rank 15
Heavy Throw Hit an enemy once, dealing 2 extra damage and lowering their defense for 2 turns. Failing to catch the Beemerang after causes Vi to hit herself. 5 Equip the Heavy Throw Medal
Sharing Stash Heals all party members for 2 HP and gives HP regeneration for 2 turns. Cures Poison. 6 Complete Vi's Request

Kabbu's Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Effect TP Cost Obtained
Taunt Makes enemies focus only on attacking Kabbu for the current turn. This skill can be upgraded with the Deep Taunt medal. Said skill decreases the enemies defense but increases their attack. 2 Starting Skill
Heavy Strike Hit the first grounded enemy, dealing 2 extra damage and flipping them. Penetrates 1 defense. 3 Learned at rank 3.
Pep Talk Revives a KO'd ally with 4 HP. 5 Learned at Chapter 2.
Under Strike Hits twice, dealing full damage on the first hit and 1 less on the second and flips the targets. Ignores defense. Can hit buried enemies. Can hit two enemies, if they're close enough to each other. 5 Learned at Chapter 4
Dash Through Kabbu dashes forward, hitting all grounded enemies, dealing 2 extra damage and flips them. Penetrates 1 defense. 5 Learned at Chapter 5
Pebble Toss Tosses a rock at an enemy. This move always deals 1 damage. 1 Equip the Mighty Pebble Medal
Boulder Toss Tosses a boulder at an enemy. Deals 3 extra damage and 2 damage to adjacent enemies. Failing the command causes the Boulder to land on Kabbu. 4 Equip the Mightier Pebble Medal

Leif's Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Effect TP Cost Obtained
Icefall Chucks an ice projectile at a location, hitting enemies around that location with full damage and maybe freezing them for 1 turn. 4 Starting Skill
Frigid Coffin Encases an enemy in ice, dealing 2 extra damage. Has a high chance to Freeze the enemy for 2 turns. Can only target grounded enemies. 3 Learned at rank 6
Bubble Shield Lite Prevents all damage to one party member for a turn. 3 Learned at Chapter 3
Bubble Shield Prevents all damage to all party members for a turn. Leif can't act next turn. 7 Learned at Chapter 3
Ice Rain Drops 4 icicles on enemies, dealing full damage and having a chance to Freeze for 1 turn each hit. Can hit two enemies, if they're close enough to each other. 11 Learned during Leif's Request
Cleanse Removes an enemy's temporary status changes and charges. 2 Learned at rank 13
Charge Up Charges a party member, making their next attack deal 1 extra damage. Stacks up to 3 times. 3 Equip the Charge Up Medal
Empower Increases a party member's attack by 1 for 2 turns. 3 Equip the Empower Medal
Fortify Increases a party member's defense by 1 for 2 turns. 4 Equip the Fortify Medal
Enfeeble Reduces an enemy's attack by 1 for 2 turns. 5 Equip the Enfeeble Medal
Break Reduces an enemy's defense by 1 for 2 turns. 2

Equip the Break Medal

Charge Up+ Charges all party members, making their next attack deal 1 extra damage. Stacks up to 3 times. 7 Equip the Charge Up+ Medal
Empower+ Increases all party members' attack by 1 for 3 turns. 7 Equip the Empower+ Medal
Fortify+ Increases all party members' defense by 1 for 3 turns. 6 Equip the Fortify+ Medal
Enfeeble+ Reduces all enemies' attack by 1 for 3 turns. 7 Equip the Enfeeble+ Medal
Break+ Reduces all enemies' defense by 1 for 3 turns. 6 Equip the Break+ Medal

Generic Skills[edit | edit source]



TP/HP cost


Sturdy Raises equipped party member's defense by 2 and blocks all status effects, but prevents them from getting extra turns for a turn. 2 TP Equip the Tardigrade Shield Medal
Hard Charge Gives the equipped party member's 3 charges, increasing next attacks damage. 5 HP Equip the Hard Charge Medal
Royal Decree Increases all party members' attack and defense by 1 for 2 turns. 5 TP Temporarily available to all party members in Chapters 6 and 7, whilst Elizant is traveling with you.

Team Skills[edit | edit source]

Unlike the rest of the skills, these skills require several party members to use up their turns. All team members involved will gain exhaustion. Using the moves while the party members haven't moved will use up their turn as well, but the party members who have already acted can still be involved in the skill as long as they are not inflicted with any status effects that prevents them from moving, although that will cost them their action next round, similarly to Leif's Bubble Shield. Most of these do not factor in front attack bonus, dealing the same damage regardless of party order. The moves cannot be used if the party members involved are fainted or stunned.

Name Effect TP cost Required party members Obtained
Frozen Drill Hits an enemy 3 times, dealing Kabbu's and Leif combined attack halved each hit, flipping them with a chance to Freeze them for 1 turn. The first two attacks ignore defence; the last doesn't but will hit an extra point of damage.

The damage from Frozen drill prefers to hit for even values (i.e. if Kabbu and Leif's average attack is 2 an attack increase or decrease of 1 on either of them will not affect the damage; however if the average is 3 an increase or decrease of 1 will make the damage either 4 or 2, respectively.

8 Kabbu and Leif Learned at Rank 17
Fly Drop Hits an enemy once for Vi's and Kabbu's combined attack + 6. Ignores defense. 6 Vi and Kabbu Learned at Chapter 6
Frost Relay Leif and Vi hit an enemy alternatively, hitting 3 times each, dealing normal damage on the first hit and 1 less damage than the previous hit on following ones. Leif's hits have a chance to Freeze. This can benefit from front bonus, provided the character to activate the skill is the one in front. Missing an Action Command will end the combination early. 10 Vi and Leif Complete Find the Ingredients!
Frost Bowling Hits all enemies for combined attack of all party members worth of damage. The attack can be ended early to deal an additional hit to the last enemy hit, dealing 3 less damage than the first hit of this ability. You can still deal the additional hit after the last enemy is hit, and it can hit 2 enemies if you time it right. Has a chance to Freeze enemies it hits for 1 turn. 9 Vi, Kabbu and Leif Complete Leif's Request

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Hitting the same enemy twice with the same skill in a single attack will reduce the damage of consecutive hits to a minimum of 1 (if the enemy is armored the damage will eventually deal 0 damage without damage penetration). This applies to all multi-hit skills, with the exception of Ice Rain, regardless of whether or not they can hit multiple enemies.
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