Seedling King is one of the Bounties in the game. It is found in Bugaria Outskirts, on the north bank of the river in the first room on the way to Snakemouth Den, which can be crossed by Vi's Fly or Leif's Freeze Water skill.

It starts the battle carried by a few Seedlings, and attacks by either splitting seeds at the party or dashing at them when it loses its Seedlings. It is capable of summoning Seedlings, Acornlings and Underlings by throwing seeds on the ground, and summons 2 of them at once (one before and one after it) when there are no other enemies with it. Like other Seedlings, it is weak to ice attacks, so using Leif's Ice Rain to clear its minions and deal damage to it is a good idea.

In Spy Cards, a Seedling King card is categorized as a Boss Card, and can Empower all Seedling cards (Seedling, Acornling, Underling, Flowerling, Plumpling and Golden Seedling) and raises ATK by 2 each.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary The few Seedlings who survive much longer than anyone expected them to are crowned as wise and powerful rulers. This confidence boost actually mutates the Seedling, granting it incredible power and resilience. Kings can create other Seedling species from Tangy Berries that grow around their "crown". These lead shorter yet incredibly devoted lives. It's recommended to clear them all out while battling a King.
Vi "GRR! So YOU'RE the source of all those dumb Seedlings! Oi, I'm talking to you! Stop spawning more!...They just keep coming. We've gotta finish this fast!"
Kabbu "By the Golden Settlement's Clear Water... Seedlings can mature into such behemoths!? It's constantly spawning reinforcements, stopping me from reaching it.I'll do my best to clear those small ones, while my team attacks from a distance!"
Leif "Oh dear. A King-sized Seedling. Hey, Vi. Can we keep i-...?! What? No?! But it keeps spawning mini-Seedlings! It's a cuteness factory! ...Sigh , alright. Let's try to keep the small ones at bay while we defeat this one."

Trivia Edit

  • In the 2018 video teaser, Seedling King starts the battle on the ground and the mid-boss theme plays during its fight. In the final version, it plays the Bounty battle theme instead.
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