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Seedling Haven is an area found in the west part of Bugaria Outskirts. Seedlings bloom absurdly fast in this soil, and leave to explore the Bugaria Outskirts. The Seedling King's footsteps enrich the soil, allowing this process.


The Seedling Haven is a small area that is separated from the main path of the Outskirts by a river. To get across the river, the team must either use Leif's Icicle Drop on the river or Vi's Fly, and cut the grass blocking the entrance.

Upon entering the Seedling Haven for the first time, Team Snakemouth can find the Seedling King. After the Seedling King's defeat, the Seedling Haven becomes the best location to find Golden Seedlings, due to their natural spawn ratings being higher.

The seedlings in this location have a 7.5% chance (18.75% with Seedling Affinity) to be a Golden Seedling.


Item Location
Discovery #20 Defeat the Seedling King
Crystal fruit icon.png
Crystal Fruit
Dropped by the Seedling King after its defeat.