Seedlings are a family of enemies found in Bugaria. They are weak to Leif's ice magic.

In battle, seedlings can either be flying or grounded.

When they are flying, hitting them with an attack will cause their propeller leaves to fall off and ground them.

Tattle Log



Bestiary The seedling species, characterized by the rectangular flower adorning its head, is one of the most common species in the world. They are tenacious and with a huge appetite, which they calm by devouring farmer's crops. They can use the flower on their head to fly. Although it can be ripped out, it grows back within the week.
Vi It's one of those stupid, annoying seedlings! They're all over the outskirts, but don't even drop good items! Let's just beat them up already!
Kabbu Hm, it seems this land has seedlings as well. Despite their adorable looks, they plague many fields and have no qualm devouring crops. Although weak and puny in comparison to me... their flying variation is troublesome, as I can't reach it... I'll have to ask Vi for help.
Leif What a...cute creature. It's almost a shame that we must fight it. Our basic ice magic cannot reach it while it is flying. We might have to resort to other means to bring them down. Hmm...we are quite fond of it. Perhaps we could keep one as a pet? Vi would have lots of fun taking care of it.
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